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Morning Pages and Creativity

This week we are pleased to have a guest post on the blog from the incredibly knowledgeable Mari McCarthy. Mari is the owner and force behind the website and there she is interested in, and writes about, all aspects of journaling. One aspect in particular is the practice of writing ‘Morning pages’, a practice that is extensively used within the artistic and creative community and this is what she is talking about in today’s post.

37 Tips on How to Stop Procrastination

Despite reading about and now knowing all about why we procrastinate, we still do it.

OK, so in order to break this habit maybe you need just a little help?

In my previous post on procrastination I laboured the point that we are programmed to procrastinate. I also made the point that every time we do, [...]

Procrastination is hard wired. How to beat it.

So after hours of preparation, finally we get the chance to sit down and write, but what happens? We do something else. E-mail is checked, the journal gets flicked through, paperclips require un-linking, plants need dead leaves removing etc.

Why? What happened to the writing?

The good old procrastination reflex has got us again.

So just what is [...]

Busy – But Busy at What?

If you were throwing away loads of something that is very important to you.

Would you not want to do something about it?

Of course you would.

In this post I am hoping to illuminate a little dark corner that seems programmed into all of us. A corner where we waste something very precious to us, without [...]

Life On The Right Hand Side Of The Menu

In my earlier post where I discussed the focus required by successful writers to make time in their lives to actually sit down and write “Sorry but I am too busy writing”.
I made a reference at the end that there is a negative flip side to the quality of your writing when you bury [...]

Why is it wrong to sell your work?

“It feels wrong to say that I’m trying to sell something.”

These are the words of Bart Schaneman, commenting on Jennie Nash’s article “Five Reasons Why Good Writers Fail” posted on TopicTurtle.

I had read and enjoyed the article and was then browsing the comments when I came across Bart’s words. I fully empathised with Bart’s sentiments [...]

Sorry but I am too busy writing.

Recently I received an e-mail from a local published author who had made a guest appearance at our writing group, naturally after her first visit we hoped that she would continue coming.

As you would expect from a words-smith the letter was well written and explained that with the publishing of her current book, getting [...]