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Review: APE, How to Publish a Book; Guy Kawasaki, Shawn Welch

Guy and Shawn have not tried to dumb down what is involved in a project as large as learning how to self-publish your own book. Nor have they attempted to make it sound easy, indeed they mention many times about daunting issues with editing, media formats, marketing, finance and the authors own commitment. Despite all these they have successfully trodden a difficult line and instead of scaring tentative self-publishers away from the idea, they have made a mammoth task and steep learning curve seem eminently do-able.

Self-Publishing: The Creative Revolution

I have to say that I was rather naïve in the past. I thought whatever writing talent I had would be instantly recognized by the “professionals in the field”…
The furthest I got with EyeLeash was a discussion with an editor for 6 months…
I only realized (once I tried it out myself) that self-publishing nowadays is POD (print-on-demand) – this means little, or no costs upfront…
So in June 2009, I finally decided to self-publish my debut novel. My praises for it were instantaneous.