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Read to Write From The Successful

This week I read ‘Digital Fortress’ by Dan Brown. Now this book was not on my ‘immediate’ reading list, in fact it was probably a fair way down the list.

What made the book leap out from the stack in to my hand?

Simply this; Angela picked up the book recently and simply devoured the book, [...]

Recycling Old Plots

“Go out and steal” these words are hiding in one of the books about writing that line my bookshelves. I wish I could find them again as I would like to give the author some credit here.
Just last week I had one of those wondrous moments, where suddenly something becomes clear. And it is all [...]

Today something different happened.

Today something different happened. It was a nice sunny day and my wife and I wandered into town for some impromptu shopping, nothing different there. It was whilst I was sitting on a bench and waiting for my wife to join me when it happened.

A lady came up to me, holding her hand out in [...]

13 plot points to check when reviewing your writing

In a continuous personal endeavour to improve, I am currently taking part in Probloggers 31 Day challenge. The task for Day two is to produce a list-post and the rest of this blog is my “homework”. A complete self critiquing checklist would be far longer but I have trimmed this one down (drastically). I hope [...]