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Using Short Stories as a Marketing Tool

In today’s world more people are reading short stories on mobile phones, e-zines, e-readers, story sites and magazines, because the quick reading experience fits into their lifestyles.
This means that we have a large audience of readers who are eager to read short stories.
This audience is generally ignored by novelists.
This is a big mistake.
Because, they can be using short stories as a marketing tool.

Writing; Finding Your Audience

When they talked about audience they mean more than just ‘your readers’, they mean ‘people who would enjoy reading your work’. I’ll say it again because the difference is profound.
Audience means, ‘People who would enjoy reading your work’.
Do you see why there is a difference and why it is important? Read on and I’ll do my best to explain.

Why you should not write your novel

For weeks now I have been following posts on the internet, devouring anything to do with publishing your novel and getting your baby out there. From all this reading, time and time again (please excuse the cliché), a simple message has been delivered.

“New authors: Don’t write your first novel.”

Now the words are not these exactly, [...]