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215 Things An Author Must Do

Last week I had two comments that prompted this weeks post. The first one was from George Angus who made the observation “I think that folks may not realise all of the things to take into consideration when they sit at the computer to write”. Hmm, I think he may be correct.

The second one came [...]

Making Time to Write, part 2

I have to ask the question; was losing all my writing time a boost to my productivity? Has the necessary focus on squeezing all available time and making time to write, actually been of additional benefit?…
…My attention has focused on making use of the five lunch breaks; these can have a waste factor for scribbling of between 2.5 hours and 5 hours. This blog and last weeks were both written during these otherwise wasteful and fattening periods. So just what is the robust, reliable and portable technology utilised to capture this opportunity?