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Read to Write From The Successful

This week I read ‘Digital Fortress’ by Dan Brown. Now this book was not on my ‘immediate’ reading list, in fact it was probably a fair way down the list.

What made the book leap out from the stack in to my hand?

Simply this; Angela picked up the book recently and simply devoured the book, [...]

Recycling Old Plots

“Go out and steal” these words are hiding in one of the books about writing that line my bookshelves. I wish I could find them again as I would like to give the author some credit here.
Just last week I had one of those wondrous moments, where suddenly something becomes clear. And it is all [...]

Busy – But Busy at What?

If you were throwing away loads of something that is very important to you.

Would you not want to do something about it?

Of course you would.

In this post I am hoping to illuminate a little dark corner that seems programmed into all of us. A corner where we waste something very precious to us, without [...]