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Mind training games: The ripples of existence

This weeks game is a game best played when you have time to relax and ponder.

The concept of the game is straightforward; think about or study a person, item or event, then describe it by using the effects it causes without ever mentioning it.

Nothing exists in isolation; simply by existing, an item will cause some effects in the world around it. Visualise these as if things are a rock surrounded by water and from it ripples are spreading out and away, affecting the watery world around it.

Journaling word games: Finding metaphors

This weeks word game is a very quick and simple one that can be played as a mental exercise and as a game in your creative journal.
It consists of looking for and devising simple and complex metaphors for events and items encountered during your daily life.

Journaling Word Game: Doing your lines

This weeks game is a simple little word game that you can make as big or as small as you like. You may fit it into idle moments or set time aside to work at it. The game involves seeing how many different ways, and from how many different perspectives you can write the same sentence, phrase or event.

Mind training games: Anti-self protection

Part of the series of posts on games that can be played in a creativity journal to develop awareness and creativity.
“….This is one of the longer games you can play in your creativity journal and also one of the more serious games. A game that tricks your own self-protection system into allowing you to go where you are normally forbidden to go to…. “

Journaling word games: A starter for…

A fun little game to get your creative juices flowing. It can be played in your creativity journal as a single exercise or in parts, spread across any available moments.

All you have to do is complete a starter sentence for an unwritten story in as many different ways as possible, that’s all.

Simple, yes?

Mind training games: Looking carefully at quotes

This post forms part of a serialisation eventually building into a complete reference on Journaling for Creativity and the writer's notebook. One that will demonstrate how to journal in order to improve creativity and effectiveness of artists, writers or anyone needing to be creative.

Introduction ► Contents ► Techniques ► About Method ► Games for Creative Development [...]

Journaling word games: Describe a tactile sensation

When we include these memories and emotions, we start to begin to form tactile metaphors to describe the surface. In the above sentences, the first surface is ‘treacherous’ whilst the second is a ‘clean page’. Both are from the same root, both are slippery, and yet the two metaphors used here guide the reader’s thoughts quite differently.

Mind training games: Paradoxically

This is a small game, well suited to filling those times when there is an odd moment to ponder. It involves simple word play to exercise and strengthen the bridge between the linguistic logical-mind and the creative-mind.

Mind training games: A small epiphany

The main purpose of this mind training game is simply to remove the dull veneer of familiarity that covers every commonplace object around us, and to re-introduce a childlike wonder into our daily lives.
The game also introduces a simple but deceptively powerful technique that allows us to make rapid and complex notes whilst keeping the logical-mind sub-dominant.

Mind training games: In the dark with your mind open

This game is designed to heighten awareness of the world around you. It does this by removing the visual input to the brain and so forcing it to evaluate the current situation using the only senses available to it; those of hearing, smell, touch and thought.