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Secrets From The Deadly Intent Blog Tour 2009

In July I came across a blog tour that stood out from all the rest. At the time I was so impressed by it that I tweeted it out as a mark to measure yourself against when judging just how serious you are when promoting a published novel. The blog tour was the Deadly Intent Blog Tour and Camy Tang was the power house behind it. Covering forty five days it had over sixty venues, offered different content and used some innovative additions to the standard blog tour repertoire. All of this marked her tour as one that you can study and learn from.
Recently I was able to interview Camy about her tour and about the interesting extras that she included.

Using Short Stories as a Marketing Tool

In today’s world more people are reading short stories on mobile phones, e-zines, e-readers, story sites and magazines, because the quick reading experience fits into their lifestyles.
This means that we have a large audience of readers who are eager to read short stories.
This audience is generally ignored by novelists.
This is a big mistake.
Because, they can be using short stories as a marketing tool.

215 Things An Author Must Do

Last week I had two comments that prompted this weeks post. The first one was from George Angus who made the observation “I think that folks may not realise all of the things to take into consideration when they sit at the computer to write”. Hmm, I think he may be correct.

The second one came [...]