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Life On The Right Hand Side Of The Menu

In my earlier post where I discussed the focus required by successful writers to make time in their lives to actually sit down and write “Sorry but I am too busy writing”.
I made a reference at the end that there is a negative flip side to the quality of your writing when you bury [...]

Why is it wrong to sell your work?

“It feels wrong to say that I’m trying to sell something.”

These are the words of Bart Schaneman, commenting on Jennie Nash’s article “Five Reasons Why Good Writers Fail” posted on TopicTurtle.

I had read and enjoyed the article and was then browsing the comments when I came across Bart’s words. I fully empathised with Bart’s sentiments [...]

Writing task “A Vivid Character” for Just Write

Once a month a few fellow writers and myself, cuddle round a table in a quaint English pub and discuss writing and our writing ambitions.

Each month we set a small “home task” to write about and last month this was “A Vivid Character”. The work can be any creative writing based on the theme and [...]