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Read to Write From The Successful

This week I read ‘Digital Fortress’ by Dan Brown. Now this book was not on my ‘immediate’ reading list, in fact it was probably a fair way down the list.

What made the book leap out from the stack in to my hand?

Simply this; Angela picked up the book recently and simply devoured the book, [...]

One Simple Idea to Make Self-Published Books Desirable


Have you heard any of these recently? If you have been following links in the Sunday Wash-up, the following statements will not be new.

‘Self published books are all dire.’

‘Self publish books are just vanity exercises.’

‘If you self publish your book it will be the kiss of death when finding an agent or publisher.’

And the list [...]

Technical marvels and suspension of disbelief

Earlier this week Angela and I wandered into our local cinema and armed with suitable munchies, we watched Angels and Demons. All was well until they got to the part set in CERN, which as any of you who have seen the film will know that it is right at the start of the film. [...]

Alternative thoughts; Best Selling or Best Written

I do love life, it is full of little events that you simply could not plan.

Yesterday I posted Rob Parnell’s classic post Murder your Darlings because it turned up on the day I posted the conflicting view Flabby or Plump; Can You Cut Too Deep, also on the same day I read Joanna Penn’s blog [...]

Alternative Thoughts; Murder Your Darlings

Last week I posted on my personal belief that words should be carefully selected and that much thought should be given as to exactly where they are placed in your prose.

In a remarkable coincidence, just as the post was published, Ron Parnell from The Easy Way to Write sent me a newsletter stating that you [...]

Flabby or Plump; Can You Cut Too Deep?

What do you do when a master and a leader in the field give you good information that you just cannot accept?

This week I received some conflicting information that has had me pondering on the basic question of ‘am I prepared to write like that?’.

Very early on in the week I read a post by [...]

Emotion; The Writer's Sixth Sense

Why would I describe my heavy oak chair as obstinate?

After all how can an inanimate object be obstinate?
Yet I believe you all know why. It is heavy, dark, difficult to move and unyielding. I feel it is obstinate, of course it isn’t, it is only a chair.
The other week Natalie Allan popped a post up [...]

25 Ways To Buzz A Fellow Author: Guest post by Rowena Cherry

My grandmother on the distaff side used to say, “If you’ve nothing nice to say, don’t say anything…” Switch “nice” for “helpful” and you have my current philosophy.

I’ve recently been invited to become a contributing member of the blog “1st Turning Point“, which got me thinking about what I have to offer (or pay forward), [...]