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Free Service

Free help for anyone
interested in improving their
Journaling for Creativity.

Free Evaluation Service

I offer you a free opportunity to have your journal entries looked at and returned with any thoughts and/or recommendations I consider might be helpful.

As is said many times elsewhere on this site, journal entries are solely for the author, so this is not a critique of penmanship, style, voice, subject, etc.  It is a review on how evocative an entry appears in terms of creativity and during future review.

Your entries are personal and any comments made will obviously be subjective, so there is no guarantee that you will agree with all, or even any, of the comments made, but the service is free and it will provide you with feedback that is unavailable from anywhere else.

How it works.

  • Send a scan or photograph of a journal page or journal entry (maximum of a four page entry) to
  • The image will be evaluated and comments will usually be made directly on the image but sometimes additional comments are in the returning e-mail.  I endeavour to complete this within five working days; if it will take longer then I will inform you by e-mail.
  • After evaluation your image and comments are returned to the original e-mail address.
  • Finally, for data storage regulations, your image and any comments will be deleted.  In order to control abuse of the service, I will only retain the e-mail address and the date the evaluation service was used.
    Note: By sending an image to the above address you are consenting to all the conditions listed.  No email addresses will ever be disclosed to a third party.
  • If you wish to discuss the comments further, I will be happy to do so, but along with any questions it will also be necessary to return the commented image since I will not have a copy.


This service is limited to one free evaluation per person per calendar month and, regrettably, at this time there is no option to purchase additional mentoring outside of the free service.


Photo credit: United colours of India, Marco Bellucci

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