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Are you able to help?

My apologies. This week, instead of putting up a post, I am asking all of you for a little help; especially from anyone who uses a mobile device to read this website.

We have become aware, that on many mobile phones, this website looks….

Well, it either doesn’t display anything at all or it looks really rubbish!


So, after some quick and desperate measures we have found and installed some software that detects when you are viewing the site from a mobile device.
If you are viewing this on a mobile, please give us your thoughts by filling in the poll below. It should only take a few seconds, and the results will be of huge use to making the site function correctly. We have tested the new software on all the mobiles we have available, but there are so many and to test it on all of them is beyond our capabilities.

This week on the blog

I have to apologise for the lack of a post this week. We have been busy working on the backend (the hidden side) of the blog and this week’s serialisation paid the price of our activity.

For a long time we have been wanting to syndicate the blog posts and web links that journaling for creativity has generated, but the existing personal twitter, facebook, google+ accounts were the wrong places to syndicate content on. We simple needed to have accounts dedicated to Journaling for creativity.

Mind training games: With this brick

This weeks game can be played both in your journal and socially with friends and family. It also makes a fantastic “keep the kids occupied” game whilst travelling.

The game’s origins date back to the swinging sixties, where it was devised by academics for measuring creativity. More recently, a modification of the game has been popularised in the television show “Whose line is it anyway?” in the form of “the prop-game”.

For this game, all you have to do is select an object, then list as many possible and diverse uses that you can dream up.

Welcome to 2013 and our New Year’s resolutions

Is this year going to be the year that you manage to solve the age old problem of forgotten New Year’s resolutions?
I personally believe New Year’s resolutions are doomed before they are written, because they always consist of a list of those things which you believe you should be doing,

Hello Again

What is this new passion? It developed from being drawn into the workings of artist’s journals and creative journaling practices; what makes them work and what they offer. It is something that at first glance might appear to be just keeping notes and records, but as you delve deeper into the psychology and techniques of what is going on below the recognisable surface, it becomes ever more fascinating.

Sniper – The Bad Guy from TimeSplash

Novelist Graham Storrs first novel was published on February 15th by lyricalpress. This week as part of his blog tour we are featuring an interview with the main antagonist, a psychotic killer named Sniper.

TimeSplash: Pre-Tour interview With Graham Storrs

Novelist Graham Storrs first novel is being published on February 15th by lyricalpress, at the same time he is also taking his first brave steps into the world of virtual book tours (blog tours).
Before the tour, Shack’s comings and goings spent some time with him, asking him questions on the issues of putting together a first ever tour and was it easy or did he wake up in the night screaming?

Book Review; TimeSplash, by Graham Storrs

For me the acid test of any book is whether I seek to pick it up again once I put it down or if days pass and dust collects on the cover, before I thumb my way back in. Timesplash is very much a book in the ‘pick it up’ category, one that fights being put down

Including or Ignoring Action

Should you include action in your work or exclude it?

The answer? Well, it depends.

This post examines where three different authors for three different reasons have used or ignored action in their work. Action is not just James Bond or Lara Croft heroics, it is also the simple acts of walking across a park or [...]

A Brave New Blog

After many years keeping away from social networks and blogging and other time consuming things, I now find myself diving into them in a unprecedented way.
May the time keeping of the rest of my life not rupture at the seams from all the extra activity.

Now all I need to do is study what is good [...]