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Journaling word games: Write about a word you don’t like

This is a journaling word game that asks you to confront and rationalise your own strong emotions in a safe manner. It is a short game, played in two parts, and is perfect for filling the slightly longer gaps in your busy day.

Mind training: Passion and the Devil's advocates

This game requires for both sides of the brain to work together. The logical-mind wants to deal with facts and exacts comparisons; it is uncomfortable with soft arguments since there is no way of proving one better than the other. In contrast, the creative-mind has no problems with equating soft arguments against one another.

Mind training games: Ten quirky thoughts

The main purpose of this mind training game is to exercise getting in contact with your creative-mind and develop the ability to freely associate diverse ideas together.
The secondary purpose is to help you become more aware of the point when the mind switches from the logical-mind over to the creative-mind; to learn how to hear yourself.

Mind training games: Sensory impressions

You can also do this with the other four senses and suddenly a wealth of associated sensations are available to you. Let your mind wander far and wide whilst it fills the page. It does not matter if you jump from childhood to adult memories or skip between continents as you skip across the page. Allow your brain to dance in and out of distant and diverse memories, allow it to open up and find its own half-forgotten connections as the exercise progresses.