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A Look at Virtual Book Tours

This November I am looking at Virtual Book Tours, more commonly known as Blog Tours.
We start with an absolutely brilliant post from Camy Tang, that covers all aspects of virtual book tours.

How to Plan a Blog Tour

I had originally intended to write my own post on virtual book tours but whilst doing the research Camy suggested that I looked at her post on organising a blog tour. Her post is so good that I dropped the idea of writing one and asked her instead if we could use hers on the blog, thankfully she agreed.

Earlier this year Camy ran her Deadly Intent Blog Tour which ran for nearly two months, had an astounding number of venues and is notable in the diversity of methods and content that Camy used to promote her book. So far this year, the Deadly Intent blog tour, has set ‘The Standard’ for others to follow.

How to Control the Twitter Stream

Recently I was asked about the methods I use to select the more informative tweets in my Twitter stream and so gain the links that are used in the Sunday Wash-Up. Well it is neither a great secret nor a difficult undertaking, so this post could be titled,

– How To Make Your Own Wash-Up –

or more appropriately,

– How To Mine Twitter For Unpredictable Information –

Using Short Stories as a Marketing Tool

In today’s world more people are reading short stories on mobile phones, e-zines, e-readers, story sites and magazines, because the quick reading experience fits into their lifestyles.
This means that we have a large audience of readers who are eager to read short stories.
This audience is generally ignored by novelists.
This is a big mistake.
Because, they can be using short stories as a marketing tool.

What Happened To You Today?

Have you heard the one that starts, “A funny thing happened to me today, on the way to the…”
Well today I visited a dental practitioner and a funny thing…
Fortunately I had my journal with me to record the comings and goings of that visit.

Writing; Finding Your Audience

When they talked about audience they mean more than just ‘your readers’, they mean ‘people who would enjoy reading your work’. I’ll say it again because the difference is profound.
Audience means, ‘People who would enjoy reading your work’.
Do you see why there is a difference and why it is important? Read on and I’ll do my best to explain.

215 Things An Author Must Do

Last week I had two comments that prompted this weeks post. The first one was from George Angus who made the observation “I think that folks may not realise all of the things to take into consideration when they sit at the computer to write”. Hmm, I think he may be correct.

The second one came [...]

Making Time to Write, part 2

I have to ask the question; was losing all my writing time a boost to my productivity? Has the necessary focus on squeezing all available time and making time to write, actually been of additional benefit?…
…My attention has focused on making use of the five lunch breaks; these can have a waste factor for scribbling of between 2.5 hours and 5 hours. This blog and last weeks were both written during these otherwise wasteful and fattening periods. So just what is the robust, reliable and portable technology utilised to capture this opportunity?

Making Time To Write

That is a total loss of fifty hours from my potential scribbling time… …Making time to write became last week’s utmost priority. Just how can I squeeze it in, when life is conspiring to squeeze it out?
In order to achieve this worthy aim I have turned to podcasts as my main means of transforming ten dismal hours of driving into more productive writing time.

List of Writing Critique Groups

Recently I did a post on getting more from writing critique groups. In that post I said that not everyone gets on with every group and that you should keep looking until you find one that works.
So to help with this quest, I have compiled a list of writing critique groups that might be helpful in a search.