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About the blog

A stack of journalsShack’s Comings and Goings is the personal blog of Andy Shackcloth and here you will find discussions and articles on everything he has discovered about the two topics of “Journaling for Creativity” and “Creative Writing”.

The blog originally imparted any odd gems of writing knowledge discovered during his journey into the art of putting pen to paper.

During that quest he amassed a great deal of knowledge on the use and aspects of using a writer’s journal. Particularly on how this practice has greatly enhanced the creativity of users and removed ‘writer's block’.

This knowledge will be serialised into articles about Creative Journaling, and published here starting in September 2012. All neatly organised into the six sections;

What is Creative Journaling?

Media Options

Types of Entry



What Goes Wrong (and how to fix it)

Each section will build over the coming weeks into a comprehensive reference on creative journaling.

Beyond the comprehensive range of articles, readers will also discover detailed reviews of books, papers, videos and workshops that were found whilst researching the subject.

There will also be the occasional reviews of journaling equipment, from the simple notebook and pen to technical reviews on electronic equipment, such as cameras and smart phones, that lend themselves to creative journling .


FTC Disclosure

As a visitor to this site you can safely assume that any link to an external site which provides an opportunity to purchase something, will be an affiliate link.

I hope that if you decide to buy any items recommended in a review, you would look upon the affiliate links as a way of saying thank you for the efforts made in providing the information.

All items provided as free samples for review, will always have this declared in the article.

However, if affiliate links offend you, there will always be sufficient information provided within the article/review to enable you to locate the item directly via a search engine.


About Andy (the author)

Hi. Just a little bit about me, not too much or you might get bored.

I kick around in Manchester, England and write whenever life stops getting in the way.

I have four children, all of which are cleverer than me and all, but one, taller than me. I also happen to be blessed with the most precious wife in the universe.

I haven’t published anything, yet. Originally this was because I used to write purely for myself. Recently, my fiction writing was derailed when a deep curiosity was ignited whilst looking into the practice of journaling and its uses in creative writing. For a time research had replaced writing, non-fiction had replaced fantasy. A period when we moved to Italy and learnt a new language played its part in slowing me down, but those are excuses and not real reasons.

I have been teased for my analytical and engineering centred brain. You live with the odd “get a life” comment whilst analysing what to others appears mundane but which for me has layers of fascination. So it was, with the simple art of putting personal pen to personal paper. My initial exploration of journaling (who uses them, how they are used, what works, what doesn’t, the benefits, the beliefs), led to a more detailed investigation. This subsequently led to deeper research into other disciplines and soon I found myself examining the very nuts and bolts of this practice called journaling.

I discovered that journaling is a multifaceted instrument and almost immediately I needed to filter out personal journaling, medical journaling, family journaling (time capsule journaling), scrapbooking etc. There are so many other facets to “writing in a journal”, but what fascinated me and what I wanted to focus on was journaling that benefits the creativity of the user.

However, “Journaling that benefits the creativity of the user” is a bit of a mouthful, so I simply call it;

 “Journaling for Creativity”


One day, I hope to publish all my findings in a useful book.

Until then, I continue to learn and use this blog to pass on what I have discovered.


And so apart from writing, I also love to laugh and eat ice cream.

I like motorbikes, watching films, reading, good food, going out, theatre, working with my hands, ice cream, learning science stuff and hugs.

Not big on booze, football, snobbery, narrow mindedness, bigots and selfish sods.

Oh! And not that big on diets either.

Did I mention ice cream?


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  • Sounds like you have a wonderful family you have there. Very happy for you!

  • Dear Rao,Thank you for visiting my site and I am so very happy that it has aided you in a pviitsoe way. The Graceful Energy Series contains spiritual images and writings that are intended to help you find your peace. Book 1 is titled Quiet Power’ and is available on my store page I hope you purchase a copy for yourself and also for your friend’s as a gift to help them find their peace as well.Find your peace,Janice

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