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Morning Pages and Creativity

This week we are pleased to have a guest post on the blog from the incredibly knowledgeable Mari McCarthy. Mari is the owner and force behind the website and there she is interested in, and writes about, all aspects of journaling. One aspect in particular is the practice of writing ‘Morning pages’, a practice that is extensively used within the artistic and creative community and this is what she is talking about in today’s post.


Morning Pages and Creativity

Discover more about Mari's book on AmazonWhat is creativity? What do we mean when we say someone is creative?

These questions have been debated endlessly. Take a minute right now and think about how you define the word.

Without suggesting I have the answer, it does occur to me that creativity is about combining things in new ways. Or maybe more exactly, creativity is an awareness that lets you see things in new ways.

What happens when you can see things in new ways? When the same old commute to work suddenly holds mystery; when the drab dinner routine magically converts to a wondrous adventure; or when the paralyzing boredom of your job explodes with new excitement?

What happens is, quite simply, that we are saved. We’re rescued from hopelessness, and the surge of unfamiliar thoughts, visions, and experiences provides new life. Creativity actually gives us a reason to live.

So how do you cultivate this creative spirit, this more keen and wide-ranging awareness that brings creativity home to our hearts?


The best way I know to sharpen awareness and thus open to creativity is through journal writing. Andy’s ideas and writings in this blog are shaping up to be an excellent resource, with loads of pointers for creativity journaling. We cover the topic quite often, as well, on my CreateWriteNow site.

The basic fact is that nurturing your creativity takes incorporating it into your lifestyle. It’s sad that most of us receive zero training in this area, and our lifestyles just don’t include any personally creative outlets. If you want to become more creative, you’ll need to make room in your daily life for it.

In our ongoing effort to help people assume a creative lifestyle, tuned in to possibilities and excited about ideas, CreateWriteNow recently developed a series entitled 12 Days of Morning Pages. Morning Pages were introduced over 20 years ago by author Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way fame. That volume has turned on the creativity of countless individuals, and we want to give the teachings a boost with this new program.

Morning Pages are one way to use journaling to open your mind and soul to creativity. Our 12 Days program may be accessed as a course emailed to you once a day, or you can purchase the ebook. The intention is to provide an easy yet inspiring – even addictive! – introduction to Morning Pages, so you can make it a part of your daily routine with minimum stress.


How do you use journaling to cultivate your creativity? We’d be thrilled to read your stories in the comments!




Mari McCarthy

Mari L. McCarthy is The Journaling Therapy Specialist, founder of Create Write Now (, the Personal Growth Journaling Place. Mari offers counselling and encouragement to journal writers through her many online journaling resources, as well as private consultations.

Mari’s teachings and workbooks centre around journaling for self-discovery, self-growth, and self-healing. She has published nearly 20 journaling guides, exploring such topics as money, jobs, health, bereavement, personal organization, and more. Look for her 27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness, a course that begins this September 1st.



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