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This week on the blog

Journaling for Creativity I have to apologise for the lack of a post this week. We have been busy working on the backend (the hidden side) of the blog and this week’s serialisation paid the price of our activity.

For a long time we have been wanting to syndicate the blog posts and web links that journaling for creativity has generated, but the existing personal twitter, facebook, google+ accounts were the wrong places to syndicate content on. We simple needed to have accounts dedicated to Journaling for creativity.

So after many weeks of looking and reading and procrastinating; not to mention all the prevaricating that went on. We have finally bitten the bullet and generated new pages and accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. A Google+ page is due to follow in a week or so.

We have provided readers options to follow Andy or Journaling for Creativity accounts via the new social networking buttons near the top of the right-hand column. The blog will continue to provide content for both.

13-04-27p, new social buttons

These will allow us to provide information focused solely on Journaling for Creativity on the new accounts to people primarily only interested in this topic.

Currently we are building the Twitter followers on @J4Creativity from the existing @le_Shack followers, which unfortunately due to Twitter rules and limits is both laborious and time consuming. We are presently getting a 15% follow-back after the first 24hrs, which is promising and makes us hopeful that about half of our followers will also be following @C4Creativity by the two week mark.

The facebook page JournalingForCreativity will be our community focus, where people can see what we are doing, get involved and meet other people who are interested in improving their creativity. It will be a place where we can post interesting links, thoughts and important news. It will also be a place where we can ask questions of you the readers.

The Pinterest Journaling-for-Creativity page will be filled with all the neat journaling and creative stuff we discover whilst compiling the blog and researching the book. At the moment we are new to Pinterest and so we don’t know what other interesting directions the Pinterest account may go as we discover its possibilities.

The Google+ page will reflect the content of the Facebook page with the advantage of also providing a ‘Hang-out’ for future virtual get-togethers.


And unbelievably just doing these few things has soaked up all our blogging time and then some. However we believe the worst is done, we may have not done it all perfectly and anything that is wrong will just have to be fixed as we progress, but we felt that we had put off biting the bullet for too long; action was required.

Please please, please! Tell us any thoughts, suggestions, gripes that you have. This site and the contents on it are here to help your future creativity and the more everyone lets us know about our faults and successes then the better this blog and community will become and the better it will be able to serve you.

Thank you for taking an interest in what we are doing with this blog.


Photo credit: Head in Hands by Alex E Proimos

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