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This week on the blog

I have to apologise for the lack of a post this week. We have been busy working on the backend (the hidden side) of the blog and this week’s serialisation paid the price of our activity.

For a long time we have been wanting to syndicate the blog posts and web links that journaling for creativity has generated, but the existing personal twitter, facebook, google+ accounts were the wrong places to syndicate content on. We simple needed to have accounts dedicated to Journaling for creativity.

Forming Portmanteaus to improve creativity

After last week’s more intense journaling for creativity game, this weeks journaling game is a relaxed quickie, one you can play at any time.

It is a simple game of mentally forming portmanteaus and recording the best ones in your creativity journal.

Awareness of the ‘ripples of existence’

This week’s post looks at how you can use journaling for creativity to see beyond the obvious and gain awareness of events and choices from long ago; developing active observation to see the defining signature of someone or something by their choices and of choices made for them.

Mind training games: The ripples of existence

This weeks game is a game best played when you have time to relax and ponder.

The concept of the game is straightforward; think about or study a person, item or event, then describe it by using the effects it causes without ever mentioning it.

Nothing exists in isolation; simply by existing, an item will cause some effects in the world around it. Visualise these as if things are a rock surrounded by water and from it ripples are spreading out and away, affecting the watery world around it.

Journaling Media: Folders, binders and boxes

When journaling for creativity it is inevitable that other media will become part of your journal. These records of events, these entries are not as easily filed as written notes or digital recordings. Items such as; physical objects, cuttings, materials, aromas etc, may all find their way into your journal.

It may be uncomfortable for some people to accept it as journaling but an old piece of tree bark sitting on a window sill is no less creativity journaling than a thousand word entry exploring some inner truth.

Following are a few of the available mediums for storing these journal records, and although some of them have been mentioned in the previous ‘what to journal on’ posts, they are important enough to deserve their own detailed consideration here.

Journaling word games: Finding metaphors

This weeks word game is a very quick and simple one that can be played as a mental exercise and as a game in your creative journal.
It consists of looking for and devising simple and complex metaphors for events and items encountered during your daily life.

Mind training games: With this brick

This weeks game can be played both in your journal and socially with friends and family. It also makes a fantastic “keep the kids occupied” game whilst travelling.

The game’s origins date back to the swinging sixties, where it was devised by academics for measuring creativity. More recently, a modification of the game has been popularised in the television show “Whose line is it anyway?” in the form of “the prop-game”.

For this game, all you have to do is select an object, then list as many possible and diverse uses that you can dream up.