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The Many Benefits of Digital Journaling

clip_image001This week we feature a guest post by Sam Lytle from easyjournaling.

Sam and Tiffany devote their blog to all aspects of digital journaling, and it may be the only blog dedicated to exactly how silicon chips can make your journaling a more fulfilling experience (and easier).

So if you need to know something about digital journaling, Sam and Tiffany are the people to ask.
We are honoured to have their post for you this week.



The Many Benefits of Digital Journaling

Keeping a journal on your computer, smartphone or tablet can open a whole new world of possibilities. Specifically, benefits of digital journaling can include-


Cloud backup
Many journal applications allow you to login to your Dropbox, Evernote,, Google Drive, iCloud or other online storage accounts so that your journal is always safely backed up. This is especially useful if you drop your phone in the toilet!

Fonts, backgrounds and book covers can be changed around in certain apps and online journals. This gives you the ability to express yourself more fully in your personal journaling.

Picture insert
They say that pictures are worth a thousand words but this isn’t true- they are worth much more! Adding pictures into your entries will enrich your journal more than any other addition.

Keyboard input
Most of us can type much faster than we can write simply because one wrist can’t compete with ten fingers. This allows us to either put more words in our journals or write the same in a much shorter period of time! Touchscreen typing can’t boast the same claim but we are all getting faster with texting!

Never worry about lost journal entries again because the best digital journals have a search function built in. This allows you to search for a name or topic and instantly get all of your entries about that person or subject.

Neatly printed journals
When you have written enough entries you can sometimes export to PDF and print (some newer journal applications are even starting to offer built in print services). This is especially useful if you have horrible handwriting like me!

Copy and paste
Sometimes our best words aren’t written in our journals. An amazing trick I have found is that we can copy and paste these words out of emails, social media or blog posts right into our personal journals! Hard to do if you are writing it by hand…

Password protection
Never worry about prying eyes by getting a digital journal that has password protection (most do). Securing your personal journal will allow you to open up more without the fear of someone picking it up and flipping through the pages.

A few of the digital journals even offer encryption services. This scrambling of your data makes sure that no one can read it, even if they break your password!

Auto time stamping
Never worry about forgetting to add the date to the entry because it is always added, automatically.

Always in your pocket
If you keep a personal journal on your smartphone you almost always will have it nearby. This makes for some of the best entries because you can write them on the spot.



Sam and Tiffany Lytle are the voice behind the website Easy Journaling, the site that focuses on keeping a personal journal on your smartphone, tablet or computer. And as they say on their ‘about ‘page;



Our mission at Easy Journaling is to provide you with the best app reviews, recommendations and ideas that we possibly can. We combine your input along with our own experiences and frequent communication with journal app developers. This combination of education and experience helps us bring the best information on digital journaling you will find anywhere. I could arguably say that I have tried and tested more journaling applications than anyone else, and this has helped me find the perfect journal or diary app for many as well as warn many of misleading features and claims.

They live in Carson City, Nevada, with their son and daughter. For more information on digital journaling, follow them on twitter @easyjournaling or like them on Facebook.

"Benefits of Digital Journaling" by Sam Lytle is copyright of the author, all rights reserved.

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