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Journaling word games: Describe a tactile sensation

When we include these memories and emotions, we start to begin to form tactile metaphors to describe the surface. In the above sentences, the first surface is ‘treacherous’ whilst the second is a ‘clean page’. Both are from the same root, both are slippery, and yet the two metaphors used here guide the reader’s thoughts quite differently.

Journaling media options: How to organise media files

This single journal placeholder entry then becomes the information hub of your entries, where tracks fan out to all your associated journal entries whether, as in the case of photos and sound samples, they are stored in a computer or, as in the case of physical items, stored in an old box, book or envelope.
These ‘tracks’ are not one-way. Being able to find all journal entries for any particular session is extremely important, whether they are digital or physical, and there is a very simple way to do this.

Journaling word games: Write about a word you don’t like

This is a journaling word game that asks you to confront and rationalise your own strong emotions in a safe manner. It is a short game, played in two parts, and is perfect for filling the slightly longer gaps in your busy day.

Journaling word games: Find five words

The purpose of the game is as stated above, to simply fire up your writing engine at those moments when your mind is not complying with your desire to write. The game can be played at the start of hesitant journaling sessions or at the start of hesitant writing sessions.

Journaling Media Options: What to use to Capture Images

This ability of graphics to directly engage your creative-mind means that employing photos, video, art, sketches, doodles and cartoons in your daily journaling encourages greater involvement from your creative-mind. It will also bring forward creative insights and suggestions that make your logical-mind more involved with what your creative-mind wishes to do, and this is not a bad thing.