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Mind training games: Paradoxically

This is a small game, well suited to filling those times when there is an odd moment to ponder. It involves simple word play to exercise and strengthen the bridge between the linguistic logical-mind and the creative-mind.

Media Options, What to write on pt3

This is the third part of our look at the types of writing media that are available to the creative journaler considering how to journal. We now move on from the writer’s paper notebook and look at other ways that can be used to capture text.

Mind training games: A small epiphany

The main purpose of this mind training game is simply to remove the dull veneer of familiarity that covers every commonplace object around us, and to re-introduce a childlike wonder into our daily lives.
The game also introduces a simple but deceptively powerful technique that allows us to make rapid and complex notes whilst keeping the logical-mind sub-dominant.

Journaling media options: What to write on, pt2

Creative journaling can be and should be done anywhere. This will lead you to the situation of trying to write on your knee, against a rough wall, in the air etc. This also leads to the discovery that writing in a floppy notebook whilst out in the real and active world is the enemy of both legibility and good entries.

Mind training games: In the dark with your mind open

This game is designed to heighten awareness of the world around you. It does this by removing the visual input to the brain and so forcing it to evaluate the current situation using the only senses available to it; those of hearing, smell, touch and thought.

Journaling Media options: What to write on, pt1

Some of my most valued journal entries have been made on pocket-worn Post-it® notes, hastily scribbled down during a moment of inspiration and stuck inside wallet, pocket or bag for later transfer into a permanent journal.

It’s not cost, looks or size that is important, it is how you use it and how it works for you that is crucial.