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Welcome to 2013 and our New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year



 Welcome to 2013!

I hope you all had a pleasant Christmas and have seen in the New Year in appropriate style.


I expect most of you have made, in good faith, a short list of New Year’s resolutions, ones you hope will last longer than those made in previous years. Is this year going to be the year that you manage to solve the age old problem of forgotten New Year’s resolutions?

I doubt it. I personally believe New Year’s resolutions are doomed before they are written, because they always consist of a list of those things which you believe you should be doing, for example;

1)      Give up my relaxing smokes

2)      Get out of my nice warm bed earlier

3)      Replace the decent portions of my tasty food with tiny portions of that bland stuff

4)      Etc…

Invariably, these are eminently forgettable personal directives, and so, surprise surprise, you quickly forget them.

Do I have a solution for you?  Unfortunately – - No.

If I did then this post’s title would be “How to make successful New Year’s resolutions”. However, I can suggest that you only make resolutions of things you want to do, things that you badly want to improve on. You could try writing them on the bookmark in your journal (don’t have a journal bookmark? Well, now is a good time to resolve  to get one), so that you see them every time you journal. You could add them to your artist’s mantra when you do your morning pages, or even pop them on post-it notes and stick them up all over your house and office.

Would doing all this make them work? Unfortunately – - No.

Doing all those tricks will make the resolutions last longer, seeing them every day in your journal will give them surprising longevity, but ultimately resolutions are doomed. This doesn’t mean we should stop making resolutions. It means that we should accept that they will always fall by the wayside, but since they are basically a very good idea, we should frequently review our current resolutions and refocus them on what is important.

Resolutions and changes to Comings & Goings

I have made a few resolutions in respect of ‘Shack’s Comings & Goings’, some of which are already being applied and you might have noticed, most of the others I hope to implement during January.

The first is to fix a mistake I made with the serialisation posts on Creative Journaling. In my zeal to publish everything I have learned on this fascinating subject, I originally posted the explanation of what I am doing and then started popping up posts about aspects of creative journaling. This was fine for the original readers, but by omitting introductions to later serialisation posts I realise I have just caused confusion. Furthermore, the very nature of a WordPress blog means that serialisations are mixed up with other posts, which makes for a very messy reading experience.

To improve on this, I am going to include two navigation bars on the serialisation of Creative Journaling posts, one at the top and one at the bottom, and only on these posts. These will differentiate between normal and serialisation posts , inform new readers and also give the serialisation the easy navigation feel of an eBook by providing navigation buttons to the next page, previous page or jump to either the contents or section introduction.


After reading Guy Kawasaki’s book APE: How to Publish a Book, I also realised that in order to combine all the knowledge about creative journaling into a book, it would be sensible to request assistance from interested readers who are willing and capable to help. Much of the requirement will be in the future but as Guy states, I need to find my helpers ahead of when they are needed, so I will be generating a “Help Wanted” page, where anybody willing to help, will be able to leave me contact details.

The types of help I am expecting to need, will be;

Eagle eyes – report issues with links, typos, browser glitches etc.

Proof readers – of chapters or of the whole book.

Blog tour list – blog sites that are prepared to host a stop on the Virtual Book Tour.

Equipment testing – owners of non-pc devices to check proofs for glitches.

Guest posts – Have something to say related to writing? Youre welcome here.

The newsletter will be going over to a HTML format. Thanks to the Mail-Chimp service I now know how to provide a newsletter in a dual text and HTML format, where the recipient’s software automatically selects which type depending on the mail program settings. This should make for a far nicer and easier to read newsletter if you accept HTML emails.


Okay, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading “Shack’s Coming & Goings”, I hope you continue to find it interesting and helpful throughout 2013.

Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness in the coming year,



Photo credit: Happy New Year, by Raj Singh.
Welcome to 2013 and our New Year’s resolutions” by Andy Shackcloth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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