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Hello Again

Morisset Lake, NSW, Australia It’s been a while since words were flowing on my Comings and Goings pages. What was initially intended to be a temporary hiatus extended into a complete shutdown whilst other worldly concerns took over and all but stopped my writing.

However, they couldn’t and didn’t stop my dreaming. So it was only a matter of time before the call of the keyboard reasserted itself back into my life.

During that period I developed a new passion in my life. It is related to writing, no surprises there, and because of it there have been a few changes to the blog.

What is this new passion? It developed from being drawn into the workings of the writer's notebook and artist’s journals and creative journaling practices; what makes them work and what they offer. It is something that at first glance might appear to be just keeping notes and records, but as you delve deeper into the psychology and techniques of what is going on below the recognisable surface, it becomes ever more fascinating.

So my Comings and Goings pages have been modified to reflect this new passion. They will, as before, cover lessons and tips about creative writing but there will also be a large and dedicated content on creative journaling and creativity enhancing practices. The current intention is to publish one Creative Journaling post every Sunday, and these will slowly build into a complete reference.

A new Creative Journaling subject page has been added as well as a dedicated link to it on the menu bar. Currently, this page lists all the proposed topics and areas that will be covered, but over time it will become an interactive index to all the published posts.

Click the link above in the menu bar or here Creative Journaling to visit the new page.


Photo: Morisset Lake, NSW Dileepan Ramanan

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