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Journaling for Creativity.

Journaling for Creativity: What’s the big deal?

Creative journaling uses the power inherent within journaling, focuses it inwards and feeds your inner creativity. As your creativity grows stronger the journal allows you to have dialogue with your creative self, it assists you with meeting the inner artist who resides within you. And with practice this dialogue becomes easier.

And in so doing, a synergy of thought, creativity, memory and awareness is created, one which allows you to become much more than you ever thought you could be.

Hello Again

What is this new passion? It developed from being drawn into the workings of artist’s journals and creative journaling practices; what makes them work and what they offer. It is something that at first glance might appear to be just keeping notes and records, but as you delve deeper into the psychology and techniques of what is going on below the recognisable surface, it becomes ever more fascinating.