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TimeSplash: Pre-Tour interview With Graham Storrs

Novelist Graham Storrs first novel is being published on February 15th by lyricalpress, at the same time he is also taking his first brave steps into the world of virtual book tours (blog tours).
Before the tour, Shack’s comings and goings spent some time with him, asking him questions on the issues of putting together a first ever tour and was it easy or did he wake up in the night screaming?

Book Review; TimeSplash, by Graham Storrs

For me the acid test of any book is whether I seek to pick it up again once I put it down or if days pass and dust collects on the cover, before I thumb my way back in. Timesplash is very much a book in the ‘pick it up’ category, one that fights being put down

How To Hide Foreshadowing

Recently I noticed a brilliant use of foreshadowing to get around an otherwise “pull you right out of the story” moment. So neat was the use and timing of this, that in talking to someone else about it, they had missed its importance, believing that it related to another story point. In what and where had this been performed?