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Sunday Wash-Up, 3rd January 2010

09-05-01a Honey, Wash the car Please, PeasapWelcome to the Sunday Wash-Up and I’m sorry to say this one is also the last one I will be posting.

This series of posts has always been for all the writers out there who due to work or other commitments, cannot catch the information being passed around on the net. It was born from an ability and opportunity I had to devour web information, coupled with a simple process to collect the best and so be able to give something back to the writing community.

However, life and its associated highs and lows now mean that I need to focus on family, life and writing (in that order). The time allocated to the Wash-Up is desperately needed elsewhere and so unfortunately it has to stop.

I will generate a link page on the blog to the other wonderful bloggers who produce a regular link-love page, and who are listed at the end of each Wash-Up. I will update and add to the link page as time allows.

I trust you will give them the support they so richly deserve.

Wishing you all, ‘Health, Wealth and Happiness’ in 2010.

Andy Shackcloth


Using Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages To Sell More Books And Products
Tony Eldridge explains how to construct effective pages that can help you build your platform.

How Do I Format My Manuscript?
Neat list of thoughts about formatting your manuscript, also has some additional tips in the comments. Thanks to Casey McCormick.

Being Practical: Publishing Vs. Self-Publishing (Part One)
Being Practical: Publishing Vs. Self Publishing (Part Two)
If someone tells you your short story collection will not make money and you should write a novel instead, what would you do? Regular readers will know that I linked to ‘part one’ two weeks ago but I thought I would complete the set this week.

Read the Altar of Eden Prologue and first chapter
James Rollins is giving away the first chapter of Alter of Eden, hoping of course that once hooked you will rush out and buy a copy. So are first chapters now, more than ever before, about marketing your work and capturing readers? This free promo also gives you a zero cost opportunity to analyze how a best selling author does it.

Revision Tip #19
Laurie Halse Anderson has produced a brilliant series of revision tips, 23 in all, too many to list separately, so I picked this one which struck a cord with me,  the rest you can find here.

Best of ‘09: Why Publishing Cannot Be Saved (As It Is)
Interesting site covering the publishing industry, well worth browsing through. Amusingly the first post of 2010 is about the downfall of the industry.

Villains are heroes too
Jason Black produces thought provoking posts and this one on development of the antagonist is up to his usual high standard. He has also produced a neat list of his personal favourite posts, which you can find here, Top nine character development tips of 2009.

Agents at a Conference Talk Queries, Short Stories, the State of the Industry & More
Sixteen quick answers to some quick questions, you will have to guess at the questions though.

the (book promotion) gods must be crazy
The Intern passes on some tips from her recently acquired book promoter.

How to Promote Your Work
How? Take an interest others and promote others, amongst other things. Chris Brogan gives us plenty to think about in this post.

Tips For Getting Visitors to Your Site
Did you know about ‘Tip.1’? Yvonne Perry did and she is kind enough to share.

NSFW: Free as in “my publisher will disown me after I pirate my book on TechCrunch”
What do you when you won’t get repercussions for doing something wrong? Paul Carr had to face this dilemma, what do you suppose he did?

Best Resources To Find Free Stock Photos For Web Designers
Stuck for a photo for your blog or for a characterisation or location? This brilliant list has it in there somewhere.

The private lives of Franz K.
An introduction into the writing of Franz Kafka. Having read this, I now need to go and find me a “dog-eared paperback copy of his stories”.

A Special Christmas Gift From Nick Daws!
Nick Daws is giving you all a copy of his report “How to Plot Your Novel or Screenplay”, everybody say “Thank you Nick”.

Advice for Students: 10 Steps Toward Better Writing
Some good tips in this overly tight post. I really like the one about reading backwards, no prize if you manage to find it. Also note the tip by omission of leaving some white space and using consistent formatting to make it easy on the reader’s eye.

The Best of 2009
Lara Wells lists the most memorable writing posts that she can recall from 2009

Category Archives: Best Of
Sharon Hurley Hall has taken the pain out of trying to judge which of her posts are “best” by producing a category of just the best that she has done.

Publishers desperately seeking insanely great debut novelists
Alan Rinzler has a conversation with jay Schaefer and learns that some publishers are “betting the farm ”.

Book Publishers: You Can’t Beat Amazon — So Join ‘Em
When the customer starts to own the business, what are you supposed to do?

7 Great Lessons You Can Learn from Helen Keller
Helen Keller was an amazing woman. She was blind, deaf, and dumb, yet that didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams. Helen was not a person who made excuses, she made things happen. She is a constant reminder that anything is possible.”

Hackers break Amazon’s Kindle DRM
Facilitating piracy or just allowing you to keep a “safe” copy of what you have paid good money for?

6 Tips For Successful Writing Collaboration
Laura Cross must have fallen foul of a few collaborators, for here are some tips that need bookmarking just in case you ever need them. I loved number six; agree to disagree and then how to sort it, BEFORE it happens.

5 Solutions to Prevent Fear from Hindering Your Freelance Writing Success
Ever get stopped before you get started? Deb has some of the answers for you.

What self-publishing is–and what it isn’t…revisited
This has been covered here before but because it is so important and because this blog attracts newbie writers it is listed to educate and protect those who need protection.

Tips and Tricks for Distraction-Free Writing
Dustin Wax covers some good points on how to actually write once you have made the time to sit down to work.

Book Buyers Need to Know, Like and Trust You In Order To Buy
Joanna Penn reads and extracts from “Trust Agents” by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. This post give seven good points she found in the book and a link to a free report covering aspects of the same material.

Ursula K. Le Guin: My letter of resignation from the Authors Guild
For it or against it, the Google settlement still extracts a cost from the writing community.

How Does a Professional Editor Work with a Writer?
Nina Amir outlines what you can expect when choosing and working with a professional editor.

10 Solutions to the Most Common Writing Mistakes
Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen lists a few things you should be aware of.

E-Book Piracy: the Publishing Industry’s Next Epic Saga?
Tom Spring pens a long post about the potential of eBook piracy and DRM issues.

10 Things You Must Do Before A New Site Or Blog Launch
Mike Smith needs a pat on the back for this brilliant list and there is more meat in the comments.

Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide
Glenn goes overboard with the advice and technical information. There is loads to learn from this post.

Network With Us
Writers in the Sky are offering you space to promote or brag in their e-zine.

New Paradigms in Publishing – Why Literature Must be Free
David Ross covers new publishing and asks “But if art is free (and thereby freed of the constraints of commercialism and bottom-line thinking), then how is the artist, or the producer, to be paid?”

What I Know
Joe Konrath ha distilled his essence and posted it on his blog just for you.

How to Set The Retail Price of Your New Book
Money, money, money. Unfortunately we need to know what to charge so that we can make enough to write.

11 Killer Chapter Breaks
Thanks to K.M. Weiland for this post. “Chapter breaks are do-or-die territory for novelists… …if your chapter endings leave readers no reason to turn the page to find out what happens next, all your hard work … …will be wasted.”

Doctorow, How to Destroy the Book
How to Destroy the Book, by Cory Doctorow
Two posts about a speech by Cory Doctorow (including transcript) about the current battle for copyright on existing works.

More Free Toys And Downloads For Authors
Free toys, do I need to say more? Must be the season of good will.

Ten Essential Abilities All Freelance Writers Must Have to Be a Success
Here is a checklist for you; any that come up short, well time to enrol in class.

Go Ahead, Throw Some Rocks
Want to create memorable characters? Well you could try being cruel to them.

The Fifteen Things You Need to Know B’twixt “The End” and “Send”
Janet Reid, takes pains to point out that it is the authors responsibility to know what business he/she is engaging in, theirs and theirs alone. Here she lists 15 questions you should be able to answer.

A baker’s dozen predictions for 2010
Some good predictions here, some very thought provoking. Thanks to Mike Shatzkin.

Fabulously Fun Friday- Top Ten New Years Resolutions for Writers
Lynnette Bonner, has made a few new year resolutions. I wonder how many are similar to yours?

Inky Girl’s Cartoon
10-01-03a breakup-misplacedsemicolons



More Writing Lists

Forum: Reach Your Goals
All Friday Forum Posts
Jessica Rosen is full of good links as usual. Her first post of the new year concentrates on reaching your goals. The second link will always take you to her latest post.

lunch hour links for writers – 12/30/09
All Lunch Hour Links for Writers posts
This week Teresa Frohock is doing a personal introduction to all her best blogging friends, as good a list as you will find anywhere.

Writing Roundup
Jennifer Roland is off to warmer climes during the holidays, she will be back January 11th. The above link will take you to her latest Writing Roundup.

Writers’ Roundup
Useful links from the well travelled Alexis Grant. The above link will take you to her latest Writer’s Roundup.

Best Tweets for Writers
Jane Friedman, produces a list of links from Twitter each Sunday. The above link will always take you to her latest post under the “Best Tweets for Writers” category.

This Year in Publishing
Nathan Bransford rounds up his “This Week in Publishing” posts with a comprehensive post. The above link will always take you to his latest post in the “This Week in Publishing” category.

I would like to thank Inkygirl, Jessica Rossen, Teresa Frohock, and Jennifer Roland for the support they have given to this posting series over the last many months. Thanks girls, it’s been appreciated.


Back to the Sunday Wash-Up 20th December

Photo, Honey, Wash The Car Pleasecc Peasap

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18 comments to Sunday Wash-Up, 3rd January 2010

  • Sad to see this go, Andy. I could usually count on finding at least half-a-dozen helpful links here. Still, it was great while it lasted, thanks for all the effort you put into it.

  • Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Le_Shack: Last Sunday Wash-Up, sad but life’s like that.

  • Hi Andy .. good for you to make the decision to look after you and your family first. It’s brilliant when people go out of their way to help others and I thank you for the posts you’ve put over and the information you’ve imparted .. I’ve only recently come across you and too have been having my downs – but am glad you’ll keep the links going -

    Good luck and wishing you health, happiness and success in 2010
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

  • Hi Andy,
    I am so sorry this must come to an end. However, I know you have made the right decision. As much as we try to do it all, something’s do suffer. I applaud you for making the right decision in putting your family first. I know they will appreciate you as much as your readers have for your commitment and hard work.
    The very best to you in 2010.

  • We certainly will miss this wonderful informative blog. Wishing you the best with your commitments and hope you’ll find time to post information now and again.

  • [...] This post was Twitted by WoodbridgeOC [...]

  • Thanks for posting a link to my blog before you quit blogging…Will your blog stay on line for writers to access all the links and resources? If so, I’ll post something in my blog to let them know it is here. I didn’t find you until today…so sad. Good luck.

    • Hi Nina, The blog and all the posts will stay on-line, more that that I will continue to post hints and tips whenever I have something worth putting up on the blog, the frequency of posting will drop a bit though. In the next few weeks I will generate a dedicated page for other blogs that host a link-love post and this will have a direct link on my front page. In February I am following and taking part in a blog tour, which is a subject that I am greatly interested in. I intend that July will see a revamp of the site into two sections, one for writers and the other for readers, however July is a long way off and much luck is required between now and then.

      I am sorry that you found the Wash-Up today only to find it discontinued, but if you take a stroll through some of the old Wash-Ups, I am sure you will find some interesting posts by some wonderful writers.

      Old Shack is not dead, he’s just having to be brutally realistic.

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  • Good on you, Andy.

    Thanks for all of the washing you did for us over the year!



  • So sad to see this ending, but totally understand where you’re coming from. Who knows, maybe down the road you can revive the series, and until then, this is a treasure trove of great info!

  • Thanks for including my post, Andy, and sorry to hear that you’ll be blogging less.

  • Andy, I’m sorry to see the Wash-Up go, but I completely understand the need to spend more time on your real life responsibilities. Good luck with everything, and thank you for your support. Jennifer

  • [...] He’s got a great archive of them, though, and they will remain up for anyone to read. Click here to see his last [...]

  • I posted a short blog asking my readers for other good writing blogs like yours so I can start a resource list or add to my blog roll. I mentioned your blog. You can find it here!

  • Thanks for doing this Andy and for all your mentions – I have appreciated your support! New Year is a good time to reprioritise time. I am doing some myself, focussing on producing more and consuming less.
    All the best for 2010 and we’ll stay in touch on Twitter!
    Thanks, Joanna

  • This must be one of the best blog posts for writers. All the best with your commitments!