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Sunday Wash-Up, 20th December

09-12-20, VonSchnauzer, Mr Jones Welcome to my Sunday Wash-Up. This post is for all the writers who due to work or other commitments, cannot catch the information being passed around on the net.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if these little tweeting birds had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I quickly added their roosting details to my list.


5 Things That Make Me Stop Reading Websites & Blogs
Some very good advice from Jane Friedman, now popping up on Writer Unboxed, where she facilitates for you to learn from other peoples mistakes.

5 Reasons To Smile When You Get A Negative Blog Comment
Diana Adams keeps a cool head when dealing with opinionated readers and trolls. Here she shares why she smiles as she pulls on her big girl pants and squares up to the keyboard.

Free Toys and Downloads For Authors
Someone has been browsing Tony Eldridge’s archives, this great post comes from last February and is still brilliant. Fingers crossed that he relooks at it this festive and giving season.

New Writer? Why You Shouldn’t Start With a Trilogy
Amy Allgeyer Cook would like to point out a few of the many reasons why a new writer shouldn’t run before he/she can walk.

Footnotes: 8 Articles on When Writing Becomes Revision
Nancy Parish guest blogs on the Footnotes blog and lists eight links covering different aspects of revision.


How To Feature On The Most Influential Websites In The World
Joanna Penn puts out some of her Author 2.0 wisdom in this post, and displays an impressive list of sites to target and how-to links.

Why James Chartrand Wears Women’s Underpants
A must read post, I will say that again. A must read post.
It makes me angry, plain simple angry on James behalf, and no Shack does not wear women’s undies.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Novel Writing
Angela Ackerman describes sin#1, Low Stakes, from a series of seven. I’m looking forward to popping back for the rest once they are posted.

What a Bestselling Author Can Teach You About Hooking Your Readers
Good post, talking about ‘the inciting incident’ amongst other points, many thanks to Jeff Sexton. (Do you see how I re-structured my sentence and put the middle at the front?)

The iTunes-ization of short fiction is here
Short stories are on the up but not in published collections, they now successfully compete with radio stations and music channels.


Negotiating Your Advance
Go for the big money up front, or negotiate a lower advance for bigger royalties? The pro’s and con’s of the argument, provided by Bookends.

The Unicorn Will Not Save Publishing
Kassia Krozser gets out her crystal ball and looks to the future. My two penneth; can we all remember when copying on compact cassettes were going to kill the music business? Or when MP3 copies were going to kill the music business. Can someone please the the music business they are dead, killed twice already.

Writing Advice #11: Dialogue Part 1
Writing Advice #11: Dialogue Part 2
Writing Advice #11: Dialogue Part 3
Writing Advice #11: Dialogue Part 4
Writing Advice #11: Dialogue Part 5
Neat post from Barry Lyga on dialouge. These are old posts reposted in July so hint, hint. Check out his archives.

Agent Advice: Holly Root of The Waxman Literary Agency
Interview with Holly Root, with a name like Holly and it being this time of year, I just had to include the link. :)

“But I only want to help!”
But that is what friends are for… Your editor might not agree.


Some times the simple tools and techniques are the most effective. This is one that I find powerful.

How To Find Time To Write While Travelling
Some good tips by Karol Gajda on how to squeeze some ink minutes out of otherwise lost time.

Kobo International E-Book Store Launches: Why Amazon Should Be Afraid
Has a Kindle killer entered the market or will the Kobo store just force Amazon to adopt EPub? Time will tell.

I Don’t Like You! – Creating Sympathetic Characters
Roni Griffin talks about how to make your bitchy protagonist likable and then asks who was your favourite anti-hero. Hmm, well that would have to be; Elijah Price in Unbreakable.

The Four Commandments of Writing Good Sentences
Bonnie Trenga pities the fool, but then we have to ask “am I the fool”, well are you?


Curling up with a good e-book?
Article from the telegraph, which starts off with the Bookish family and their eReader Christmas, then moves on to discuss the effect of the eBook on the market and the reader.

With a Scalpel or a Hatchet: Finding and Making Time to Write
Love this title, no need to say any more is there?

How To Set Writing Priorities
Do this, do that, do both? Oh maybe I should have done… Jody Hedlund give four lists of what is important for four stages of your writing development.

Finishing a hat trick of posts about discovering time to write, Johanna Harness writes eloquently about the two things you need to do in order to turn a chore into a dream. This is this week’s MUST READ post.

13 Types of Posts that Always Get Lots of Comments
Blogs that draw lots of comments provide additional content to the reader and appear more ‘informed’ because often the only clue to overall readership is from comments.


The Golden Rule of Writing
Eric Cummings comes up with the one rule of writing which is not a guideline. Pin this rule up above your screen.

All About Writing Contests
Nathan Bransford clues us up on just how literary agents perceive writing contests and how they value your proud achievement.

How to Write Satisfying Endings
Close it quickly, close it apart from the sequel hook, close it to soon? Kidlit gives you some food for thought.

9 business-boosting benefits of a freelance website
Dean Rieck has looked some freelancers websites and feels they are missing the point and underutilising the marketing opportunities. Here he lays out what it is all about.

If someone tells you your short story collection will not make money and you should write a novel instead, what would you do?


The big guys don’t see the fundamental problem
Mike Shatzkin thinks that supply will exceed demand and when it does the old world will disappear.

How To Write The Best Critique Ever
I just wished I had read this before posting up my first critique. (Humour)

It didn’t win, but I loved it most
Wonderful adaptation of the Twelve Days of Christmas for head banging novelists, I will say no more.



Writers in the Sky Podcast
Weekly podcasts from Yvonne Perry, she has plenty of diverse podcasts in the archive to keep the most travelled commuter busy.

Not Just For Geeks
” Cliff Ravenscraft is the “Podcast Answer Man” – a full-time podcaster, he produces 24 different podcast series, and also acts as a consultant to others taking their first steps in this new medium.  Today, we’re talking to Cliff about budgets, equipment, and all the practical things “

Inky Girl’s Cartoon
09-12-20a BearWriter_003

More Writing Lists

Friday Forum: Grab Their Attention
Jessica Rosen is full of good links as usual. This week she gives us clues so that we can be as good as Shakespeare.

lunch hour links for writers – 12/16/09
This week Teresa Frohock and Ignatius are pondering who does the thinking. They are also looking at the inciting incident, well worth making a new cup of coffee before you click the link.

Writing Roundup, December 18
I am so pleased to be able to link to Jennifer Roland’s roundup again, I have missed her good links and she doesn’t disappoint with these crackers. (Please excuse the seasonal influence.)

Writers’ Roundup: December 18
Useful links from the well travelled Alexis Grant. This week take a peek at Alastair Humphrey’s post, you may not agree but it is well worth reading.

If you know of other writing link lists please add them in the comments and I will append them to the Sunday Wash-up, for the benefit of all.

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Photo, Mr Jones cc VonSchnauzer

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