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Sunday Wash-Up, 13th December

09-12-13, Lepiaf.geo, DangerOURS fun Welcome to my Sunday Wash-Up. This post is for all the writers who due to work or other commitments, cannot catch the information being passed around on the net.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if these little tweeting birds had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I quickly added their roosting details to my list.


Storytelling in 12 Easy Steps
C Patrick Schulze lays out a time proven formula that will help you write a great story.

In Too Deep – Deepen Your Scenes
Some screen writing advice from  Gideon’s Way “You only have around two hours to tell your story, so make each scene counts. Here are some techniques used to to add depth and interest to your scenes and further engage your audience

Why You Should Write More Than One Genre
K.M. Weiland thinks that emulating a Mexican jumping bean can be good for ones writing.

Interesting; a site for publishers to place galley proofs and receive reviews, long before the books are released.

Tips to help fight procrastination
Raimon is having a little problem with procrastination, here are his ways of dealing with it.


1001 Ways To Market Your Books: Book Review
Tony Eldridge reviews John Kremer’s  behemoth on book marketing.

33 Rules of Persistence: How To Stick With It, Be Patient and Achieve Your Goals
Monster post that you have to be persistent just to get to the end. David Turnbull covers everything you need to know. Personally I like No.27.

The Ten Mistakes
In Pat Holts words. “-The list also could be called, “10 COMMON PROBLEMS THAT DISMISS YOU AS AN AMATEUR,” because these mistakes are obvious to literary agents and editors,-“

Creating Characters that Jump Off the Page
Robert Browne creates characters with attitude. An interesting approach, differing from the usual bio sheets.

Editing Made Easy
Lee Masterson produces a good list to referrer to when editing, print it out and pin it to the wall beside you.


Ask the Editor: Tips for self-editing burnout
Kathryn Craft outlines how an author can train their very own set of editing eyes.

Slush stats
One of those posts that brings the slush pile into perspective. Maybe I will buy some more lottery tickets, I think the odds might be better.

An Unusual Cure for Writer’s Block
Funny thing with Emily Smith’s post is that I completely agree, there is nothing like getting a new job and having all your time sucked away to make you more productive with your writing. Funny world.

The DumbLittleMan Guide to Colon Use
Nine ways to use a colon: what more can I say?

Common Freelance Writing Scams
Sharon Hurley Hall explains some common scams pulled on freelancers and some simple rules you can use to protect yourself.


Should You Disclose Affiliate Relationships?
Some good thoughts and further reading links, behind disclosing affiliate links on products that you may be reviewing.

Special Weekend Rerun: All About Revision
After NaNoWriMo there are loads of posts on revision, cutting, voice…  Here Lara Wells lists twenty six good posts. Now you have no excuse for not getting a perfect shine.

Don’t forget to revise your characters too
Jason Black also swings into the December editing craze. Here he is concentrating on your characters.

Just Do It
Elspeth Antonelli gives out writing advice that she has trouble following herself.

The Subtle Art of Form Rejections
Just what does “Not for me, thanks.” mean? This comprehensive investigation into the form may hold a few surprises.


Rare words ‘author’s fingerprint’
Ever wanted to publish some ‘hot erotica’ under a pseudonym to earn some money whilst working on your big novel? Take care they may be able to trace it back to you.

Memo To Book Industry: Here’s A Better Way To ‘Window’ Your E-Books
James McQuivey rants at Simon & Schuster  and Hachette Book Group on “glorying in historical prices”

Kirkus Reviews Gone & Goodreads Grows
GalleyCat reports the loss of a major book review venue and asks for help in creating a community book review feature.

4 Tips On Making Your Book Available To Book Clubs/Reading Groups
Tony Eldridge (again), this time he talks about the importance of book clubs and reading groups as part of your marketing plan.

The magic of dynamic pricing
Some ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking on book pricing. Thanks to Seth Godin.


Fascinating Story, but Who Wrote It?
Joanne Kaufman lifts the lid on the ghost writing pot; lots of interesting tid-bits here.

A Little-Known Occupational Hazard Affecting Writers.
”There’s a very common occupational hazard that affects writers, but I’ve never heard anyone talk about it: the desire to write outside your main field.”

Finishing Your Novel
”This post is for you if:
            You’ve started a novel but are having trouble finishing it, or
            You want to start a novel but aren’t sure you’ll be able to finish it.”

JA Konrath’s 2010 Ebook Predictions
Apart from eBooks being free on cereal packets, I think he has covered this fairly well.

Are Bloggers Creating Their Own Sweatshop?
If you agree with this post and strongly believe free on-line content is detrimental to the bloggers life, then your donation can be sent to Andy Shack at . . .



Search Optimization Tools for Book Publicity
What does a petite model who wrote her memoir in an Apple store, know about book marketing?

Writing Family Humour and Fulfilling Your Dreams With Jane Grieve
Jane Grieve is an Australian humour writer and ex-columnist for The Courier Mail, an Australian newspaper. Her recent book “Slippin’ on the Lino”, is a collection of short family humour stories.


Inky Girl’s Cartoon
Mom holiday wish list

More Writing Lists

Friday Forum: Editing Theory
Jessica Rosen is full of good links as usual. This week it is about editing your rough stone into a bright shiny gemstone.

lunch hour links for writers – 12/9/09
This week Teresa Frohock and Ignatius are exploring the dark arts performed by literary agents. So if you want to stay one shadow ahead of the con-agent, best you pop over and have a read.

Marketing Tips Around The Net: December 11th
Tony Eldridge has ten more superb post links and eight video/audio links for writers who are now considering how to get their work in the hands of the public.

Writers’ Roundup: December 11
Useful links from the well travelled Alexis Grant. This week take a peek at the mistakes in story openings post.

If you know of other writing link lists please add them in the comments and I will append them to the Sunday Wash-up, for the benefit of all.

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Photo, DangerOU(R)S fun cc Lepiaf.geo

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