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A Look at Virtual Book Tours

This November I am looking at Virtual Book Tours, more commonly known as Blog Tours.  The scheduled posts are listed below and as each week passes the title links will change to the next post, until then they point to the contributors home page.

Camy Tang; How To Plan a Blog Tour
We start with an absolutely brilliant post from Camy Tang, that covers all aspects of virtual book tours. I had originally intended to write my own post on virtual book tours but whilst doing the research Camy suggested that I looked at her post on organising a blog tour. Her post is so good that I dropped the idea of writing one and asked her instead if we could use hers on the blog, thankfully she agreed.

Interview with Camy Tang; The Deadly Intent Blog Tour
The second post is an interview with Camy about her Deadly Intent Blog Tour. This tour ran for nearly two months and is notable in the diversity of methods and content that Camy used to promote her book. So far this year, the Deadly Intent blog tour, has set ‘The Standard’ for others to follow.

Interview with Jennifer Roland; Talking about her non-fiction Blog Tour
The third post is an interview with Jennifer Roland, who ran a blog tour to promote her non-fiction book The best of Learning & Leading with Technology. As you might expect promoting non-fiction work cannot be approached with the same mind set as that for a fiction novel. In this informative interview Jennifer’s wit peeks out when she explains the unique difficulties she faced.

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