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What Happened To You Today?

09-10-22a otisarchives4, Reeve041476


Have you heard the one that starts, “A funny thing happened to me today, on the way to the…”

Well today I visited a dental practitioner and a funny thing…


Fortunately I had my journal with me to record the comings and goings of that visit.


It was a short but long trip to the chair. An unwelcome path stretched out before me, all eight difficult feet of it. An assistant wearing the tight tunic of a clinician, bode me sit on the single chair, beneath the intense single white light. Does she think I am clinically insane?

I must be, for I sit as directed, the door facing me, so far away, just over there.

Behind me another manifests herself, close now and only just within my view, sweetly smiling and shapely, yet tinged with pain’s promise.

She talks, ominous words wrapped in a kindly dressing, smiling eyes twinkling over an austere gauze mask. The chair falls back and me with it, leaving me helpless and all but prone under this, – this woman’s gaze. It is yet one more barrier between me and the door.

The unyielding plastic is solid beneath me, twin barriers masquerade as armrests, each forged of steel and plastic, they cage the sides. The door is distant now.

The assistant moved, occupying the opening on my left, placing herself and her tray of ominous evil in the only gap. On the tray the bright light glints off keen edges and eager spikes. Together they formed a barricade of woman and steel.

She deposited a splash guard on my chest, the oppressive weight of the thin plastic pinning me further onto the chair. The door is so very distant now.

Pinned, caged, surrounded, I lay vulnerable before these women. My only avenue, were I able, is straight up but she of the kindly wrapped words, reaches up, grasps the light; it pivots on its gimballed gallows and drops down, sealing me beneath its harsh glare.

I can no longer see the door!

“Open wide”, more kindly wrapped words, “A little wider,” scratch, tap, scratch, fingers be still.

Unable now to even turn my head, I clasp one trembling hand to another, it’s not so obvious now, but unable to stop the trembling down my spine. I cross my ankles, it helps, a little.

A question, do I want an injection. Do I? Do I?

“No, no. – No, I don’t.” Heartbeat. “Yes, yes. – Yes, I do!”

Sweat trickles down my side.


So, what happened to you today that you can write about?

Shack’s tip of the week, keep a journal to hand.


Oh, and before any eagle-eyed readers mention it. The misuse of ‘bode’ was deliberate.

Photo: Reeve041476, cc Otisarchives4

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6 comments to What Happened To You Today?

  • Maybe they should install reclining comode’s onto which one is bode…

    Got me pondering incidents, thanks, however, in the interim perhaps an epilogue if not an actual dénouement:

    Oh sweet breeze! Shirt damply hugging me, comfort in my aftershock yet a reminder of the torture chamber, I swayed past the Porsche dealership masquerading as the dental staff car park, grateful for the mingle of tears and the cold air of freedom that blurred my vision of sadistic reward. Emotion pent suddenly rushed, lurching fear mutating into revenge acted upon with swift, merciless zeal.

    Sway became stealth. Keys jingled. Dental pick, madam? Germany’s finest metallic paint particles sighed then screamed, falling in anguish on tarmac; bare metal scratch gleaming to match my grin. Thank you SO much for my new smile.

    • He-he, Michael I see you lean towards the ‘Revenge, sweet sweet revenge’ school of thought. I wonder if she of the kindly wrapped words, happened to notice (or was told), would she report you or simply wait until you were next in the chair. (Shiver)

  • Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Le_Shack: New blog; What happened to you today? – It’s not funny, not one bit….

  • Naturally, the reader is left to ponder their own ethical/moral compass! In actuality I have a fully paid-up karma belief subscription so I found your conclusion most appealing :) A brilliantly conceived lesson Andy, witting or otherwise. I opted to write counter to my values to try to stretch myself, ironic in a sense, rubber-band retraction as my early attempts to become a novelist quite some years ago comprised crime fiction arising from a mindset closer to judge, jury and high executioner, than content with universal/divine justice!

    Cheers for being a gracious moderator too.

  • Andy,
    This was absolutely brilliant! Love this apt description. Yes, a journal comes in handy for all sorts of things, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for sharing the link with me. I enjoyed it!

    Be Refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    JournalWriter Freelance