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Sunday Wash-Up, 11th October

09-10-11a AKuzminski, taps Welcome to my Sunday Wash-Up. This post is for all the writers who cannot catch the information being passed around on the net, due to work or other commitments.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if these little tweeting birds had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I quickly added their roosting details my list.


The Scoop on Writing Profile Articles: Piecing Together the First Draft Puzzle
Here Lori Russell explains how she writes the easiest paragraphs first, whilst always keeping an eye on her outline.

100 Ways To Develop Your Mind
Impressive, impressive, impressive. Five score ways of hopping out of the mental rut by Steven Aitchison. For me; No 11, No 14, No 73 & the last one.

Interview with Seth Harwood
I’m officially a fan of what Seth Harwood has done and on his thinking about the future of publishing. Here he talks to Cherie on the Working Writers blog. There was a brilliant podcast from him and Scott Siglar in last weeks wash-up. In case you missed it click here.

Do you know the right way to use backstory?
K.M. Weilend gives us three ways of using backstory without crashing the narrative to a standstill. All good points.

Urban Dictionary
My evil plans to dominate the world stumbled recently when I couldn’t spell Mauhhahaha. Thanks to twitter friends and Urban Dictionary with its millions of definitions, I’m now back on track. “Mauhhahaha!”

I've Been Plagiarized…and I'm Not Alone
Angel Zapata has just found his work out on the net but not under his name. Understandably miffed he pens about his findings and feelings.

Dealing with Rejection
When you receive a form rejection, it hurts. It hurts because there is no reason and you want to know, “WHY?” Gabrielle writes about this from the editors side of the fence.

Good-Bye Cinderella: Self-Publishing isn't the Only or Always the Best Choice for Writers
Christina Katz produces an unbiased and level headed discussion on self-publishing and authors aspirations. Well worth a careful read.

New media channel; Playaway
All in one audio books, includes player, book and battery. Buy it, use it and Ebay it.


Query Shark
Listed before but worth listing again. Query Shark chews on submission queries and spits them out with loads of good information. Don’t query until you have read back posts and can think like the Shark.

Legal Ease: My publisher wants help sell movie rights my book how does work?
Did you know that subsidiary rights are treated differently on either side of the Atlantic? No? Me neither.

How to Create Realistic Characters With Depth
An oldie that has risen to the surface; Kris Cramer writes about clustering and how it helps to flesh out those two dimensional actors you have been using.

Self Published Book Review of the Week: Anointed for Appointment
Self Publishing Advice, host a weekly review spot. If you have a self published book that you are proud of, then maybe you should be sending them a nice e-mail about your work.

S.P.E.E.D. Writing: 5 Tips to Double Your Writing Productivity
Dean Rieck, guest posts on Copyblogger, listing five simple tips to aid your productivity.

Will Books Be Napsterized?
Article in the New York Times Business section discussing the pirating pitfalls possibly lying in wait for the next generation of authors.

Found Money
I never thought of an article directory as another sort of lottery, but this sweet post from India Drummond has me considering if I want to place a few bets.

How Can Writers Make Money in Second Life? Let Me Count the Ways…
Joan Kremer, lists some ways that second life can line your pockets. She also mentions using it as a venue during a book tour. Hmm, interesting.

Why you should self-publish, and general thoughts on reviews.
Merrilee writes a link rich post at the e-fiction Book Club, drawing in diverse thoughts about self-publishing and why two reviewers can give opposite reviews on the same work.

How to Create Free Websites Instantly to Share Information Fast
Create free stand alone websites, host your information and move on. I feel this might be an important tool, but currently I just don’t see how to make use of it. Note; you can also do this from within Google docs.


Six Ways Authors Can Promote on Facebook
Dana Lynn Smith is doing a blog tour, which is why she is popping up each week. Here she guest posts on John Kremer’s blog.

What is a Vook, and How Will It Change Publishing?
Another new use of technology by creative minds. Our future will certainly be interesting.

Daily Beast Seeks to Publish Faster
Tina Brown wants to speed up book publishing, sounds good to me. Her firm is also quoted as saying “if Daily Beast readers wanted it, the site would consider selling books directly to consumers”, very interesting, that should stir things up.

Nine and a Half Ways to Send Your Writing Into the Stratosphere
Post by the gifted George Angus; here he is giving away the secrets that he uses. Funny though, he left out the one about writing an overselling title.

Online tool to count how many times you use each word, handy if you use “you” a lot or you just don’t know if you are missing what you don’t see, if you see what I mean. You do, don’t you?

Publishing Choices
Christine Rose, has put together thirteen separate posts on all aspects of getting published. This link takes you to her splash page about it, conveniently she has left a linked index at the end of the post.

Should You Pay Someone to Edit Your Work?
Nathan Bransford, writes about the considerations of employing an editor directly. As usual on his blog there is good information in the comments. Personally, I am disappointed that he didn’t make clear the distinction between a development editor and a copy-editor. If anyone wants to know, leave a request in the comments and I’ll find a link to a very good article on the difference and pop it in the comments.

Telling Better Than You Show
Short post by Matthew for whom a fellow author has stood the SnT rule on its head and ‘rocked’ Matthew’s ‘face off’. I hope he gets better soon.
(After looking at this, you could check out Jessica Rosen’s link in the ‘More Writing Lists’ section.)


Only one this week since I have been listening to Huckleberry Finn.

Poynter Online; Roy Peter Clark; Fifty Writing Tools
These are brilliant, but, and it’s a big but. The files are small and have to be renamed, which makes downloading them a real pain. They are available free on iTunes which should make downloading easier.

 Inky Girls CartoonTurkey writer

More Writing Lists

Writing Roundup, October 9
Jennifer Roland always links to great posts in her round ups. She has now added a neat contents list at the top which links to a subject. Real cool.

Friday Forum: Showing
Jessica Rosen’s focused Friday link love forum, this week it is all about showing. The rule that every sage is telling us to follow. Well Jessica has found a few sites to show us what it is about.

lunch hour links for writers – 10/7/09
Teresa Frohock, shares a little link love on Wednesdays and includes a quick reason with each, as to why you should click on the links. This weeks selection is just so good, I think I’l ask her for some tips.

Marketing Tips Around The Net: October 9th
Tony Eldridge has put together ten links from around the web that he believes will help you market your book. Take a look at No. 3, well worth a read.

If you know of other writing link lists please add them in the comments and I will append them to the Sunday Wash-up, for the benefit of all.

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Photo, taps cc A.Kuzminski

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