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Sunday Wash-Up 13th September

09-09-13a Jurvetson, Water off a Ducks Back Welcome to my Sunday Wash-Up. This post is for all the writers who cannot catch the information being passed around on the net, due to work or other commitments.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if these little tweeting birds had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I quickly added their roosting details my list.


Three Ways For Aspiring Location Independent Writers To Generate An Income (Without Being Published)
Tina Gibbons offers advice on three potential income streams for writers tired of the same dull skies.

Publishers cancelling books to cut costs
It pays to be careful
Benedicte Page posts in both the news section and her blog on the site. She reports that as the purse strings tighten, sharp publishers are squeezing authors out of their hard won publication agreement.

Young adult romance author racks up 100 reviews with self-published book
Barry Eva has managed to gain 100 reviews for his book on Amazon, in this post he is asked how he managed to promote his book so successfully.

Confused by Conflicting Advice?
The fabulous “Crabbit Old Bat” has gone almost Technicolor in her attempt to illuminate how we should approach conflicting advice. Don your sunglasses for a quick peek at her take on all the confusion.

Welcome to TitleZ
Currently free service to see how book sales for a book or group of books has performed. My only problem with this is, will tastes have changed by the time I finish the Steampunk based, vampire, zombie and human, love triangle novel. (Kidding.)

Podcast: Medialoper Kirk Biglione on Ebooks and Digital Media
Joanna Penn interviews Kirk Biglione in an informative podcast. Interesting thoughts on global licensing by language and a surprise that eReaders are not available in Oz.

What Professional Writers, Editors, and Agents Say About PublishAmerica
”Atlanta Nights” The Hoax That Gained a Contract Offer
A forum full of posts expounding that the one common thing, that should be between any aspiring author and PublishAmerica is…    Distance. The second link details just how demanding the PA quality standard really is.

It’s Just a Phase
An interesting variant on outlining your work. Lazette Gifford cut forty days off her normal writing time using this approach.

Re-thinking the Publisher/Author Partnership
Article by Robert Miller in answer to an editorial by M. J. Rose. He claims, “It’s time to re-think the publisher/author relationship.” A “fifty-fifty” split is quite a rethink.

Another Perspective On POV
Nice post explaining omniscient and limited omniscient point-of-view. It pulls examples from other works to demonstrate its explanations.

The writer’s toolkit
Paperback Jack talks about tools that will help the writer and as he pursues his narrative he leaves a trail of links to further understanding and the odd iTune track. Stuck with your novel? He has some tools for that as well.

Maybe You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job Just Yet
Rachelle explains that having an agreed advance is not the same as having an advance in your hands. In fact it might not get into your hands for quite some time. Funny that an industry dedicated to words, would choose to use “advance” when ‘delay’ might be a better fit.

The 6 Most Important Words in Fiction Writing
Second week in a row for Larry Brooks to make it on to the Wash-Up. He nearly didn’t, as I found the first part of this post ‘difficult’ and skip read it. However the meat is in the last part and it is worthy of letting you know about it.

The Myth of Luck
Jenna Black just doesn’t believe in luck. For her success will come with hard work, tired fingers, craft improvement, workshops and maybe a little luck.

Concentration: 22 ways to stay focused on writing
Matthew Stibbe listens to Psychologists talk about “flow”, we might call it “the groove”. What ever you call it, it is when you work at your best and here he gives you more than enough tips on how to achieve that productive state.

L. Ron Hubbard’S; Writers Of The Future Contest
No entry fee, only open to unpublished authors, Genre = Science fiction, Fantasy, Dark fantasy. Four submission deadlines and prizes every three months , plus an annual grand prize of $5,000.

Freelancers Should Write for Themselves
By grafting away for others are you doing yourself a disservice? George Angus would like to point out the error of your ways.

Editor Unleashed 25 Best Writing Blogs 2009
Maria Schneider has run a poll on what her readers believe to be the best writers resource blogs. So get those bookmarking fingers a clicking.

The Great Ebook Experiment
Joe Konrath has a proposition. He is offering to place five excerpts from other peoples novels in the back of his eBooks. This just might be the start of a whole new promotion trend.

Book Manufacturing
Neat post that describes how books are manufactured, also has embedded video of the printing of Dan Brown’s latest book.

self-editing made easy, –ier, easier
Teresa Frochock, whispers out aloud whilst editing her work. Why? So that Mr. F. doesn’t worry that she is on the phone.

A Writer’s Opinion On Writing a Query or Synopsis
Brian asked his readers for ‘one phrase’  summing up the writing of a synopsis or query. The answer? “Dread” and “Doubt”, in this post he takes a closer look.


Save The Words
Truly silly, here you can find words that nobody knows, well almost nobody. If a word is fast going out of fashion, it can find a warm welcome here.

You Know You Have Writer’s Block When…
Writers BlockJust so true. InkyGirl tells it like it is. (There are more great laughs at inkygirls site, just click on the cartoon.)


More Writing Lists

Writing Roundup
Jennifer Roland has some great posts in her round ups. Unfortunately this week I will not be able to link directly to her Writing Roundup. So the link above will take you to her home page, there just click on “Blog Roundup” in the tag cloud.

Friday Forum:Plotting
Jessica Rosen’s focused Friday link love forum.  Pantster or plotter, you should find some useful info here.

lunch hour links for writers – 9/9/09
Teresa Frohock, shares a little link love on Wednesdays and includes a quick reason with each, as to why you should click on the links. What I don’t know is if she posted it at nine minutes past nine?


If you know of other writing link lists please add them in the comments and I will append them to the Sunday Wash-up, for all to benefit from.

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Photo, Water off a Duck’s Back cc Jurvetson

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