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Sunday Wash-Up 9th August

09-08-09a Ishrona, Washed-out Welcome to my Sunday Wash-Up. This post is for all the writers who cannot catch the information being passed around on the net, due to work or other commitments.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if these little tweeting birds had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I quickly added their roosting details my list.


Podcast: Grant McDuling on The Business of Selling Words
Joanna Penn, produces another high quality post. This time she interviews Grant McDuling who makes a good living from ghost writing, copy-editing and proof-reading.

Where is the List of 28 Secret Agents-
New writer? Looking for a new writer sympathetic agent? Write these dates down in your diary and wait.

Barnes & Noble Goes Mobile With Free eReader And Free WiFi!
B&N are giving away a eReader for your mobile. Giving access to 700,000 titles.

The Project from Hell (And What I Learned from It)
The Renegade Writer took on a project despite the warning flags flapping. Is the money always worth the cost?

7 Steps to Building a Genuine Relationship With Your Readers
If you are developing a blog as part of your platform, then you need to follow Darren Rowse. Here he gives advice on making readers followers.

Dear Reader: We Feel Your eBook Pain
Quartet Press are accepting submissions and keen to cut their share of the market. Notably they are evangelists of eBooks and digital publishing.

When is it time to say goodbye to a manuscript?
Lynn Price advises when it is right to walk away from your baby.

Lessons You Can Learn from Scott Sigler, Author and Podcaster
Four simple lessons that are worth taking to heart.

Self Publishing Your Book? Five Reasons Why You Need a Good Copy Editor
Karen S. Ramsey attempts to convince us why we should employ a good copy-editor before we send our babies out in to the world.

Powerful Verbs Bring Boldness and Vigor to Our Writing
Linda Lane, points out that not all verbs are equal.

Fiction Writing: Craft and Story
Technically perfect writing does not a good story make. Is the emphasis on craft killing the art of story telling?

Be True to You
Are you writing what is in your heart? What are the risks if you aren’t?

A Winning Strategy for Escaping the Slush Pile
Daniel Clay reviews and improves his own speech from a recent conference. lots of good points in here.

Exclusives STINK
Janet Reid, has a way with plain words. The agent demands an exclusive right on your submission. Is it good news or do you tell them where to go?

The Reality of Royalties
Just what is the relationship between that advance cheque and royalties.

100 Online Tools for Non-Profits
This link is not on writing but this brilliant post aimed at helping non-profit organisations will be useful to most of us.

authonomy: One writer’s experience
Mary W. Walters is not to happy about the workings of Authonomy. Is manipulation rife? Are the wrong books rising to the top of the pile.

The etiquette of submitting to an agent
Jane from Dystel & Goderich lists what to consider when submitting to an agent.

Adventures in publishing: ‘Twilight’ publisher told the book’s editor, ‘Are you crazy?’
Nice podcast with two ex giants of the publishing industry. Favourite bit is where the industry is likened to a pregnant Elephant.

Agent Secrets: Part 1 GETTING AN AGENT
Agent Secrets: Part 2 WHERE DO I FIND AGENTS?
Agent Secrets: Part 3 DO I STILL NEED AN AGENT?
Agent Secrets: Part 4 QUERIES & SUBMISSIONS
Agent Secrets: Part 5 ONCE I GET AN AGENT, WHAT NEXT?
Agent Secrets: Finale  MISCELLANEOUS POINTS:
Everyone please give Laurie McLean a round of applause. Laurie if you read this, please pop all this in an eBook.

Interview with Christina Katz on Platform
You need to know this. Christina Katz explains about building your platform as you write and not after you write your book.

31 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Writing
Lost inspiration? Then you are not paying attention to the wonders around you. Leo Babauta give 31 examples of where to pay attention.

Do You Run Your Writing As A Business?
Writing as Business (Part 2)
Writing as Business (Part 3)
Kristin urges writers to wear a business hat some of the time.

How to Write Your Own Fantasy Novel
This is the ‘bible’ used by Hollywood and media networks. Failsafe advice on producing the next great fantasy novel. (snigger)

Forgotten Bookmarks
Unusual site where forgotten bookmarks come to light. In their own words “I work at a used and rare bookstore, and I buy books from people everyday. These are the personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird things I find in those books.”


More Writing Lists

Friday Forum: Outlining
Jessica Rosen has a focused link love forum. “Each week, the Friday Forum will focus on certain subject links to do with writing and/or publishing.” This weeks links are all to do with outlining your baby before you jump in, all of them are a must read for the time pressed writer.

lunch hour links for writers – week of 8/3/09
Teresa Frohock, shares a little link love on Wednesdays and includes a quick reason with each, as to why you should click on the links. I had a surprise with this weeks list a strange site called ‘Shack’s Comings & Goings’ was linked. (Thanks Teresa)

If you know of other writing link lists please add them in the comments and I will append them to the Sunday Wash-up, for all to benefit from.

Back to the Sunday Wash-Up 2nd August

Photo, Washed-out  cc Ishrona

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