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Sunday Wash-Up 26th July

09-07-26a Ktylerconk, Charlevoix Fountain IIIWelcome to my Sunday Wash-Up. This post is for all the writers who cannot catch the information being passed around on the net, due to work or other commitments.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if these little tweeting birds had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I quickly added their roosting details my list.

Platform 101 For Busy Writers: 3 Simple Steps
Guy Gonzalez, notes not everyone has time to follow all the advice, he offers his thoughts on the time challenge.

Creating a Marketing Roadmap
Penny Sansevieri, has produced a marketing road map for you. The list doesn’t and can’t have all the answers you’ll need, after all every book and market is different, but it is a brilliant help to get you started.

Just The FAQs For Authors: MaAnna Stephenson
Joanna Penn, interviews MaAnna Stephenson, who has written a series of books on the more technical aspects of platform building.

Barnes & Noble Plans an Extensive E-Bookstore
Four months after acquiring an e-book retailer, Barnes & Noble, the world’s largest chain of bookstores, is starting its own mega e-bookstore on its Web site, Barnes & Noble said that it would offer more than 700,000 books that could be read on a wide range of devices.

Let’s review
Janet Reid, is a literary agent who’s inbox needs taming, but will her authors heed her words?

We couldn’t have done it without you! (Janet’s side of the story)
The Strange Case of the Missing Gary (Gary’s side of the story)
From the previous link comes the strange case of an author who submits a query, the agent loves it, contacts the author, but the author has disappeared. Completely! What happened to Gary?

I Stop Reading When
Jessica from Bookends, liked Janet’s post that she popped up her personal rules when a query letter runs off the rails. (59 comments.)

Anatomy of a Good Query Letter III
And whilst we are on the query letter trail, here is an example of a good query letter from the blog of Nathan Bransford. There are 135 comments about this letter, if you can’t find a lesson in there some where, then you aren’t trying.

Is It True?! Are 40% of Books Printed Pulped?!
You have final got your book in print, some sell, some don’t. Just what does happen to the ones taken off the shelf? I didn’t like reading some of the comments here. In my mind the publishing industry needs taking out and whipping, because this waste is money not being put into new authors.

The RealmShift and MageSign Virtual Book Tour – Starts July 20th
Interview with Alan Baxter: How to Set Up a Blog Tour and Why Print Books Will Become a Niche Market
Two posts centred around a Blog book tour by Alan Baxter. If you haven’t clued up about blog book tours and what they can do for you, then here is a good place to start.

Deadly Intent blog tour full schedule
Are you serious about promoting your book? Camy Tang is. Check out her schedule and see if yours would measure up.

Guest Blog Week: Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Novel, in 1000 Words
I must admit I didn’t like the title of this post and it nearly didn’t make the wash-up because of it. However Victoria Mixon redeemed herself with the content, albeit a tad sparse because of the word limit.

Proposal to Publication – The Proposal Stage – Part 1 of 5
Proposal to Publication – The Contract Stage – Part 2 of 5
Proposal to Publication – The Writing & Editing Stage – Part 3 of 5
Proposal to Publication – Pre-Production – Part 4 of 5
Proposal to Publication – Title, Cover, and Marketing Plans – Part 5 of 5
Rachelle Gardner reposts a useful guide about the publishing process.

Another Marketing Resource and How I Use the Alexa Rank to Make Decisions
This blog is a recent “find” and one I intend to spend many an hour browsing. Natalie Wickham, charts her ups and downs in her personal journey to self-publish. Best of all she shares it all with us.

Biblioscribe Book Marketing and Publicity for Writers and Authors
As recommended by Natalie, another web presence to expand your platform.

How to get your book published
Another SEO title but we can forgive Bubble Cow for this, as they have posted a nice organised link page to all their relevant posts. I hope they will keep improving it as time goes by.

Find a Literary Agent or Self Publish: How to Decide
Fern Reiss, gives some more thoughts to the traditional or self-publish route. Do you know what the average shelf life of a traditional book is? It is worth knowing if you have evergreen content.

Must Have Contract Clauses
Joe Nassise from Genreality, takes the trouble to explain what the clauses mean in a contract and why they are important.

A guide to publishers and publishing services for serious writers
Impressive list of publishing industry professionals. Bookmark this site for when you need it.

Brave new e-world
Sarah Sheard from “The Globe and Mail” believes that e-books might squeeze agents and publishers out of the market and put the power in the hands of customers and authors.

The World of Distribution
Brilliantly informative post with loads of relevant links, Natalie at her best (again). Distributors want 30% of the cake, do you know what they do to deserve so much?

Understanding the Book Distribution Channels
Another post on book distribution with some additional points to consider.

Best-Selling Author . . . Wannabe? : : : : : : : : : : Lynn Serafinn Can Show You How
Laurel Marshfield documents the year long promotion plan that Lynn Serafinn followed in promoting her upcoming book.

Bits Of Destruction Hit the Book Publishing Business: Part 1
Bits of Destruction Hit the Book Publishing Business: Part 2
ReadWriteWeb pulls out the magnifying glass and their crystal ball, to take a look at the changing face of the publishing industry.

Crit Partner Match
Just like it says on the tin, a site that will connect you with a similar minded crit partner.

You know you’re a writer when…
Humorous look at what we do.



More Writing Lists

Jennifer Roland’s – Writing Roundup, July 24
Each week I am linking to Jennifer Roland’s Roundup, so if you have loads of time or the links here were not of high interest then pop over to her page. I hope you have time because this week she has linked to another list!

Friday Forum: Genres
Jessica Rosen has started a new focused link love forum. Should be good. “Each week, the Friday Forum will focus on a certain subject links to do with writing and/or publishing.”

lunch hour links for writers – week of 7/20/09
Teresa Frohock, shares a little link love on Wednesdays and includes a quick reason with each, as to why you should click on the links. Brilliant list this week, should keep me busy for a while.

Best Tweets for Writers
Jane Friedman produces a lovely collection of links, all organised and grouped to make it easy for you. ”I watch Twitter, so you don’t have to. Visit each Friday or Saturday for the week’s best Tweets.” I could not link to her post for this week as it was not up when I had to schedule the wash-up, but the link will take you to her home page and I hope it will be waiting for you.

If you know of other writing link lists please add them in the comments and I will append them to the Sunday Wash-up, for all to benefit from.

Back to the Sunday Wash-UP 19th July

Photo, Charlevoix Fountain III  cc Ktylerconk

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