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Sunday Wash-Up 21th June

09-06-21a Hamed Saber, Douching Sparrows Welcome to my Sunday Wash-Up. This post is for all the writers who cannot catch the information being passed around on the net, due to work or other commitments.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if these little tweeting birds had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I quickly added their roosting details my list.

54 Tips For Writers, From Writers
So just how do you go about facing an empty page, coaxing your ideas into the world of form, and steering the end result toward shore? You can start by studying the tips and advice from writers presented below.

Are You Blogging at the Wrong Time
When it comes to blogging, timing is everything. We often see this in the popularity of blogs based on what time they are posted. But how can you be sure you’re posting at the right time?

Isaac Asimov: What Writers Go Through
One of my all time heroes writes about the trials and tribulations of writers.

Great Links- Self-Publishing and Ebooks
Joanna Penn is a busy lady, she wears me out just reading the top content she pushes out. Here she has organised and listed masses of links about self publishing. “If you missed them, here are a stack of useful links about self-publishing and ebooks from the last month on Twitter. You will find ideas and inspiration here!

Ebook cover design tutorial
here’s a brief explanation of the concept and process behind the design of the Twitter Marketing: How to go Viral on Twitter eBook cover. It was a pretty quick design, using a couple basic image and text effects, but the end result works well for the subject

Buffing the Rough Edges: Editing at a Glance
Jessica Rosen lists five quick inspections to add to your self editing work sheet.

50 Reasons No One Wants to Publish Your First Book
In need of a laugh? Allan Mott takes a light hearted look at rejection.

Point of View Made Simple
Marg Gilks produces an informative post about POV slips. ”Choosing one POV character strengthens readers’ identification with that character. The more readers are carried along with that character, the more willing they are to stay immersed in the fictional dream. There is nothing more jarring to readers than a switch in point of view

Character traits – I like junk food and gin, and I stutter
Lynn Price gives out some advice on rounding your characters. As she points out “If I see a clunk like that, I lose faith that they’ve thought through their characters’ quirks and personalities.

Another Fantastic Full Screen Text Editor
Bryce Beattie, falls in love with Write Monkey and leaves Q10 behind (for the moment).

Mid Year Writing Goal Review and Challenge
Joanna Penn reminds us that it is not just our stories we should plot out, but that we should also plot out our writing goals as well.

fReado. Need to get your work out there?
Either post your work to fReado or use their code to imbed a cool reader in your site. “BookBuzzr makes a book look like a real book and allows readers to turn pages like they would in a real book. And BookBuzzr does this on the author’s site, blog or Facebook profile!”

Why I’ve decided to publish with the YouTube of documents
Published author Kemble Scott, explains why he is publishing his new book on scribd. “No… …not giving up on printed books. But what’s happening with my new novel, The Sower, and Scribd is a sign of how the world of books is changing.”

The Importance of Suspending Disbelief
Men with Pens produce another quality post, this time explaining how to not burst your reader’s bubble.

6 Things Readers Want from Your Author Website
Does your author website measure up? Thomas Umstattd gives you some pointers.

Freewriting – a Game Your Unconscious Likes to Play
Unsure just what Freewriting is, Bill Henderson gives you some idea. It may not be for you, but even so you should know about it.

A Literary Legend Fights for a Local Library
Ray Bradbury, another of my heroes, is fighting for his local libraries at 90. He is also still managing to write for a few hours each day.

Whispers and Warnings
Writers Weekly publishes each Wednesday, information on defaulting clients in the freelance world.

More Writing Lists

Jennifer Roland’s – Writing Roundup, June 19
Each week I am linking to Jennifer Roland’s Roundup, so if you have loads of time or the links here were not of high interest then pop over to her page.

If you know of other writing link lists please add them in the comments and I will append them to the Sunday Wash-up, for all to benefit from.

Back to the Sunday Wash-Up 14th June

Photo, Douching Sparrows cc Hammed Saber

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