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Sunday Wash-Up 14th June

09-06-14a Bubble_gum, Splashhh


Welcome to my Sunday Wash-Up. This post is for all the writers who cannot catch the information being passed around on the net, due to work or other commitments.


It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if these little tweeting birds had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I quickly added their roosting details my list.


Can you describe your book in five seconds?
Getting your book published is tough but getting it to stand out from the crowd is also hard. The founder-CEO of fReado Vikram Narayan was asked how a writer should be promoting their book and getting it to stand out from the crowd.

Coming Soon: The Publetariat Vault
If there were a service designed to facilitate publisher searches of indie books, making it easy for them to find books that meet their specific needs, are well-reviewed and selling in respectable numbers, would you want your book to be listed with that service?

Stepping Up Your Game
Nathan Bransford has been getting his own star status recently. So maybe it is unsurprising that he has 170 comments on this post.

Why We Should Embrace Self-Publishing
A guest post by Zoe Winters, of Publishing Renaissance, and author of Kept, a novel that has had hundreds of weekly downloads through the Kindle store and Scribd

John Kremer’s Personal Filing Cabinet for Book Publishing
John Kremer tries to put it all together for you. “Below are the pages on this website where I store the names, addresses, phones, faxes, web sites, etc. of key bestseller marketing, book publishing, book promotion, and self-publishing resources and contacts in producing, printing, publicizing, promoting, and distributing books, ebooks, print-on-demand books, and more. These are my personal Rolodex® files. They are now yours as well. Enjoy. — John Kremer, author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Virtual Book Tours
Cheryl Callighan is building a community site for the purpose of “Helping authors promote their books and share their insights on the writing and publishing process”

Troubles in publishing? It’s not just the Web’s fault
Gary Poole debates the changes he has recently seen in the publishing industry. Are people no longer reading or are they reading alternatives to novels?

An Author’s Field Guide To Internet Trolls
The aspiring author who is building his/her platform by either posting on their own blog or commenting on others, will at some time fall foul of an Internet Troll. April Hamilton provides a tongue in cheek view of the trolling nation.

How We Can Help Each Other Achieve Our Lifestyle Goals
One of the attractions of writing is the freedom about when and where we write. A huge movement on the net currently is recognising Location Independent lifestyles. One of the prime movers in this is Corbett Barr, who has a proposal for YOU.

Podcast- Tee Morris on Writing, Podcasting and Performance
One of the most important and cost effective marketing tools for the newly published writer is podcasting. Tee Morris from and Joanna Pen discuss podcasting on a podcast, what else?

Join the Dark Side, We Have Cookies
Forging your authors platform by promoting your own self-published works is a recurrent theme on the web currently. Zoe Winters who states herself that she is “not super evangelistic about the whole self publishing thing” adds her voice to the positive argument.

The Story Starter
The Story Starter provides 373,067,200 creative ideas and writer prompts for writers of all ages. All of the story starters are randomly created. This idea generator can be used for short stories, novels, plays, scripts, or just for fun.

Can creative writing be taught?
The University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop is the most renowned creative-writing program in the world. Sixteen Pulitzer Prize winners and three recent Poet Laureates are graduates of the program. But the school’s official position is that the school had nothing to do with it.

Prolific and Super-prolific writers
Writing more . . . and more
Marsha compares the characteristics of productive writers, productive vs. prolific, offering us a distillation of her findings.

The Infinite Mind interview with Kurt Vonnegut live from Second Life
You know about Kurt Vonnegut and his words, and you know about the virtual world Second Life, yes? Here we have a video of an interview performed and recorded in Second Life with Kurt Vonnegut. Second Life is… different. However all authors should know of it and of its promotional potential.

Author alert! What you don’t know about BookScan can hurt you
All book publishers (and some savvy authors) subscribe to Nielsen BookScan.  The very first thing an acquisitions editor does is check a published author’s Nielsen numbers, when considering a new submission.

The Truth, The Horrible Truth, About The Lives of

Paul T Riddell lays it on the line.


More lists

Jennifer Roland’s – Writing Roundup
Each week I am linking to Jennifer Roland’s Roundup, so if you have loads of time or the links here were not of high interest then pop over to her page. This week I can’t link directly to her post so you may have to scroll down slightly to find it. She does list good links so give her a visit and enjoy.

If you know of other writing link lists please add them in the comments and I will append them to the Sunday Wash-up, for all too benefit from.

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Photo, Splashhh! cc Bubble_Gum

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