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Sunday Wash-Up 7th June

09-06-07a Todd Baker, Real Joy Welcome to my Sunday Wash-Up. This post is for all the writers who cannot catch the information being passed around on the net, due to work or other commitments.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if these little tweeting birds had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I quickly added their roosting details my list.

5 Tips For Lightning Fast Article Writing
Sean Platt produces an article on writing articles.

Would you rather be a Best-Selling Author or a Best Writing Author-
Joanna Penn discusses the difference between popular books and literature. Does following the rules make your book desirable to the buying public.

BookExpo America 2009: When to Give It Away
Peter Balis, director of online sales at Wiley, and Brent Lewis, v-p for digital and Internet at Harlequin, shed light on how their companies have given away content as a way of generating revenue and increasing visibility for their brands.

Kate Atkinson tells Hay festival she’d rather not be a published author
Her latest crime novel, When Will There Be Good News, picked up the best book of the year gong at the British book awards last month, but the Whitbread prize-winner Kate Atkinson has admitted that she’d rather not be a published author.

What’s so special about yWriter?
Simon Haynes, experienced programmer AND a published author, has produced a FREE word processor aimed at the novel writer. “yWriter contains a bunch of tools a working novelist will find useful, and nothing some marketing expert came up with to promote additional sales.”

5 rejected best-sellers or the need for a good book synopsis
Blatant self promotion by Bubble Cow, but that’s OK as the “Don’t give up” and “the best of them struggled”, messages should give you heart.

How to use Web 2.0 tools to write, publish, sell and promote your book
Joanna Penn has been quiet for a while recently and this is why. She has been building and now is launching her Author 2.0 program. Check out her free e-book and videos, If you like them (I am sure you will) then Joanna will be pleased to further help you.

“The Platform is Redefined” Gary Vaynerchuk on How the Internet Game has Changed
Joanna Penn again with some quality content, this is a must watch video if you want to understand the new rules of the game.

Where to Find a Self-Published Book Editor
Henry Baum navigates us through the options of employing a freelance editor on our novel. Stating that it is important “if you’re at all interested in generating good reviews and for gaining any kind of reputation to sell books in the future.”

AutoCrit Manuscript Editing Wizard
I can’t vouch for this software but it looks so interesting I just had to tell you about it. Definitely something to keep in mind. Anyone who uses this and would like to do a guest post on it, please get in touch.

“So hot”
Kristy Colley gives us her thoughts on over describing our leading characters. What’s left when we take out all the descriptors?

Why ePub is the ebook format of the future
Mark Gladding explains why ePub is his e-book format of choice and hints at improvements in text2speech software.

Proper Use of the Colon: Seven Rules for Using Colons
I struggle with grammar far more than I feel I should but the fact is, I do. So this post by Athlyn Green, is very handy for me. She gives us a neat round up of where and how to use the colon. If you follow the link back for the companion post on the semi-colon, you have a nice checklist of usage.

No Advance or Be Damned – Part 1
No Advance or Be Damned – Part 2
Mick Rooney, Produces a two long posts on the book advance and his thoughts as to how it is harming the industry.

The New Book Buying Realities
Lots and Lots of percentages about who buys what by Charlotte Abbott. If you want to know what and for who you should be aiming at, read this.

8 Ways to Build Your Author Platform
Patricia Fry explains why you should already have started building an author platform and then gives you eight great tips to help you on your way.
”The English Arts Council fund critiques for new writers from leading publishers each month on also offers its own book publishing initiative.”

What’s LinkedIn Got To Do With It
Rowena Cherry, write a very informative post on the benefits of Linked-In and how to behave there. Some great tips on how to connect with members and grow your network.

Top 18 most downloaded WordPress plugins ever
This post is a tribute to the top 18 most downloaded WordPress plugins ever. Each of these 18 have been downloaded a minimum of 200,000 times.

Self-Publishing- A Clarification (for those who don’t know) (61 Comments)
With publishing houses no longer being able to afford to promote new authors and technology allowing more new authors to appear every year, the lucrative publishing contracts are harder than ever to obtain. Many see self-publishing as the only means of getting their words out there. Quality, opportunity, passion, cost… No wonder tempers rise.

More lists

Writing Roundup
Each week I am linking to Jennifer Roland’s Roundup, so if you have loads of time or the links here were not of high interest then pop over to her page. This week she has ten good links, so give her a visit and enjoy.

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Photo, Real Joy cc Tod Baker

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