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Sunday Wash-Up 31st May

Sunday wash-up, Sergio_tudela, Hard Green Shell Welcome to the fifth Sunday Wash-Up. For all the writers who cannot catch the information being passed around on the net, this post is for you.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me recently. Most links have come from Twitter and if they had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I added the details where they normally roost to my list.

Location Independence- What’s In It For You (Yes – You, You & Even You!)
Lea Woodward, lays out with words, graphs and enthusiasm just what location independence could mean to you. What you need to brush up on and where to look next in this link rich post.

13 blogging lessons learned from Stephen King’s On Writing
Marko Saric, cross reads Stephen King’s book and applies the knowledge to blogging.

14 Top Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Use To Improve Productivity
More on Blogging, this time from TechTools. “it can take up to few hours and more to put up a blog post. There are some great tools which can cut down this time to more than 50% if used properly. I am giving here below a list of 14 such tools, which are a great help to any blogger.”

Note: I’m now using Windows Live Writer which I gleaned from this post to collate the Sunday Wash-Up directly to a draft on the blog, it is saving me a huge amount of time.

Write Or Die: Putting the “Prod” in Productivity!
Write or Die is a web application that encourages writing by punishing the tendency to avoid writing. Start typing in the box. As long as you keep typing, you’re fine, but once you stop typing

National Novel Publishing Year
Would you like some peer support in getting your novel primped and presented? Head over to these guys for all the support you need.

12 month book marketing campaign and video
Stacey Cochran outlines his twelve month plan to promote his latest book. Food for thought if your book is being published and you want to maximise its potential.

Make Sure Your Book Has Potential Before Writing It!
Peter Bowman offers some perspectives on how attractive your book might be to buyers. “Rule #1 of the SP game, and part and parcel of the whole Sales and Marketing discussion is: Write a Book People Will Want to Read.”

20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know
Every writer these days needs to build their own platform to be attractive to publishers. Part of that would be using social media, this post helps you leverage your time spent on Facebook.

A librarian speaks – The Failure of Ebook Devices
Paul Biba digs up an important issue with e-books. ”I never realized all the library problems with ebooks until I did the interview with No Shelf Required and had a chance to chat with Sue afterwards. This is a topic we all need to pay more attention to.”

Smashwords Launches Flexible Ebook Affiliate Program
Smashwords, an online Ebook store for independent authors and their publishers, is launching a new affiliate program that will allow external sites to generate revenue by linking to Ebooks that are being sold on the Smashwords store.

8 Types of Freelance Writing Pitches or Why You Didn’t Get the Job
Deb rolls her eyes to the heavens when judging applications. “Though I’m still accepting applications, I can tell you that it’s going to be a hard decision choosing from the best applicants. However, the decision of who not to hire has so far been an easy one.”

Very neat search engine for CC pictures
This could save you hours when looking for the just right photo image in Flickr

The Non de Plume, or Should I Use a Pen Name?
Do you want to use a pseudonym? Should you use one? This post outlines the options.

Juicy Writing: 5 Ways to Glue Readers to the Page
Mary Jaksch lets us know what makes arresting writing for her.

Why Your Book Isn’t Selling
Long article from Dec 2008 which is being tweeted around again. Worth a read if you missed it first time around.

Permanent Link to How I Sold My Book by Giving It Away
Seth Harwood, an innovative crime fiction writer has used the tools of Web 2.0 to launch his writing career. He gives you an inside look at how he went from podcasting his books to landing a book deal with Random House.

Free Online Writing Courses
BubbleCow herd together thirteen free online writing courses.

The story of the writer
Paperback Jack pens some interesting points on networking and how to value your own self image. Post includes a brilliant idea on how to deal with the “Are you published?” question.

Interviewing Jeremy C. Shipp
Revellian interviews Jeremy Shipp. Considering more and more “rules” are constraining authors to produce marketable clones, Jeremy manages to publish Bizzaro work that breaks the mould and is genre defiant.

Deprogramming Ourselves
Zoe Winters talks about conforming to the mainstream and divergent indie publishing. “He and others have mentioned the need for indie authors to start creating more innovative fiction rather than fiction that’s just like what the mainstream has, only the mainstream didn’t publish it.”

Start-Up Site Lets Writers Sell Digital Copies

The New York Times reporter Brad Stone reports on Scribd which promises to be to books what YouTube is to videos.

Writing Roundup
If you still have some more browsing time available then Jennifer Roland has eleven further links on her round-up and there are no duplicates of the ones here.

Back to the Sunday Wash-Up 24th May

Photo; Hard Green Shell cc Sergio_tudela

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