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Sunday Wash-Up 3rd May

09-05-01a Honey, Wash the car Please, Peasap
Welcome to the first Sunday Wash-Up. For all the writers who simply cannot catch all the information being passed around on the net, this post is for you.

It is quite simply a collection of interesting writing based web pages that fluttered past me during the week. Most links have come from Twitter and if they had elegant plumage, then whilst they perched on my desk, I added to my list the details where they are normally roosting.

Forget cleaning the car, make yourself a drink, pop some biscuits on a plate, pull up a chair and enjoy.


Reading aloud series
Mary Robinette Knowal, is a puppeteer and science fiction writer. From her perspective as a performer she has unique insights on how to read books aloud. With more and more indies producing their own pod casts and YouTube promotional videos, her Reading aloud series is a must read for all authors and parents of young children.

Googles new personal profile facility
John Jantsch, of duct tape marketing rants (nicely) about Googles new personal profile facility. This forms yet another option of putting your name and links to your best work out there in an easy to find place.
Check mine out at

Are your characters leading you astray?
Sean gives us an insight into a massive cut from his story, after he fell in love with the wrong thread. His point is know where you are going or your characters will lead you astray.

Sluggish starts to stories
P Bradley Ross, discusses the sluggish starts to stories by including exposition at the start and then the conflict of the story starts too late.

Building solid Twitter followers
Carrie builds followers for a client, these are her rules that she used during that project. They are very similar to my own vetting rules, apart from that I don’t apply the “must have” quite so rigorously. Shack’s rule No. 11, mention ice cream in their tweets and I follow.

Twitter guru explains his thoughts on following
Maki aka @doshdosh goes on at length to explain his thoughts on mass following. It also explains why he only follows 83 and yet has 13,653 followers.

Sometimes a cliché has value
As writers we are always trying to keep clichés from creeping into our work, but sometimes a cliché has value, particularly in dialogue. Cliché has amassed a list of over 2100 clichés, euphemisms’, sayings and figures of speech complete with definitions and explanations. Also the site can act like a thesaurus. Looking for a provincial cliché for lying? The site has eleven options for you.

Joel Heffner speaks
Joel Heffner, waxes over the start of his writing career. For most it is a hard struggle to get recognised, for Joel… Well it is different.

The anatomy of a winning query
Rachelle Gardner, runs through the anatomy of a winning query that arrived on her desk this week. She lists seven points as to why this one elevated itself out of the slush pile.

Strunk and White comes under increasing fire
Strunk and White, celebrates its 50th birthday and comes under increasing fire as being dated and out of touch. This page from the New York Times Opinion pages combines the thoughts of many leading contributors to today’s written word.

When to build your platform
Michael Hyatt, outlines advice for new authors that the time to start building their “platform” is now, even if their book is not yet finished.Today’s guest post is by author and marketing expert Nikki Leigh, who shares her expertise in the area of virtual blog tours.

New ‘book’ products will be vastly different
Tim O’Reilly, discusses how the new technology will make the new ‘book’ products vastly different to today’s products.

Ten minute improvement
Steve Errey, lays out four steps taking only ten minutes that will improve your writing.

Photo “Honey, Wash the car Please” cc Peasap

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