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New eBook article at Helium

Just uploaded an article to Helium about the unique features of eBooks. I must admit that my knowledge when I started was sadly lacking and that I have been underestimating the opportunities this technology represents. The article is 1500 words and I had a tough time controlling it from ballooning up into a monster.

Here is the head and the tail of it…


Why eBooks are so unique

Instant access, instant enjoyment, fantastic usability features and all at a very low cost! This sums up the major unique features of ebooks but there are many, many more, read on and we will unpeel this most delicious technological fruit. –>

<– – Putting it all together. –

Why are ebooks so unique? There are a lot of reasons and some are specific to the reader but what brings people to adopt this new medium? The core of it is.

Instant access, instant enjoyment, fantastic usability features and all at a very low cost!

Some people will still prefer the feel of a normal book; and it is now possible to get a paper copy printed from an ebook source, uniquely for ebooks they can go back to previous technology on request.

The final unique feature of ebooks over their conventional counterpart is the affect on the environment, no trees cut down for paper or packaging, no carbon produced or bleaches used by production factories, no shop outlets to heat or light, no recycling problem at the end of their life and no convoys of trucks delivering them.

What is an eBook?

An ebook is convenience.


If you want to check out the middle of it, click the link to view it all on the Helium site

Happy scribbling, Andy

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